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By CYNTHIA ROWE 09 May 2016

I also keep getting calls from this amount when i answer the line goes dead where would u live x

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    By Avis Lloyd-Kimbel 18 Jun 2016

    another rend off of . three time why will the idiots deducting the morn explain


    By Dave Arscott 22 Mar 2016

    i got calls now. automatic message saying it was the IRS yeah right and we understand they do not call.


    By Randy Toombs 15 Mar 2016

    received a call from this amount. three rings and hung upwards no express email.


    By Rachel Eimutis 22 Jan 2016

    they left me a message asking me to call back


    By Louise Ziluca 21 Jun 2016

    possibly you should have just hear him outside. its great to support new start upward businesses.


    By Janet Nye 20 May 2016

    this is a UK report so the amount is . sounds a bit like wick and a bit like basing stoke . but URL it is not just a fake number its an entire fake std code no message left i have blocked it.


    By Lizz Gnugnoli 06 Apr 2016

    called really early in morning missed call...it rang again straight away subsequently hung upward as soon as i answered it


    By Dmqwdwd Ljkcbhlkqakwd 08 Jan 2016

    named today


    By Eltz Lori 03 Jan 2016

    your likely not so stressed by now but..they're merely a group of scampers and are very good at it.they can eventually cease calling it simply takes a little time..its easy for me to say cos they dint contact myself anymore.simply tell them you've seen all this stuff on the net and they could eff off.a lot of folks cease coming on these sites when they stop getting contacted by them so that is exactly why individuals aren't finding out if they're going to court or not....its additionally quite difficult to know who to trust or not..they prey on that as weal I am frightened....dint pay them


    By Kevin Caudle 22 May 2016

    two texts with KB downloads unopened in minutes of each other . sh inside evening.BR no notion who from so do not wish to open amp not sure whether to delete

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