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By CYNTHIA ROWE 09 May 2016

I also keep getting calls from this amount when i answer the line goes dead where would u live x

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    By Luana Littlewind 19 May 2016

    calls all the time.


    By Daniel Bolbotovski 30 Jun 2016

    beware of this scam. Indian call centers have now latched onto this phishing chance. don't give your private details to chilly callers. auto dialing is used. VIP is used. understood as the dun and Bradstreet urgent message scam. caller insists you tell them your date of arrival and other personal details. on selling data risk here. caller will not reveal nature of urgent message. persistence is the strategy here. calls are daily. calls cannot be blocked. through VIP the scampers appear as if from a different telephone amount each time. even numbers are used. Indian perspiration store callers with a demanding number of calls to make each day. aim is that through continuous harassment some individuals will afford. do not pay the scampers if they claim you have a debt. do not help the scampers to grow this insidious business. fight back. do not yield. it's been an easy measure for these scampers to introduce as dun and Bradstreet a low life organization into scamming companies by advising of imagined negative reports they have to pay to see. damp also into debt group with a version that is ripe as a scam front. without revealing private tips try to find outside who the debt might be with. contact the organization directly. if the debt turns out to be actual pay the organization directly. do not pay via damp and so prevent them getting a commission on the debt. do not assist damp or their clone Indian scampers to grow. don't fund them.


    By Marshall Wang 03 Apr 2016

    had this from bank of Scotland to confirm a equilibrium transfer i did do earlier today why do they not warn you they will would this confirmation


    By Jodie Lang 09 May 2016

    no one said anything.


    By Patrick Lennahan 16 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Cody Bolinger 18 May 2016

    fines twice a week but they hang up


    By Chad Leo 02 May 2016

    number off missed calls when tried to call back amount not reconsider


    By Madge Batchelor 22 May 2016

    simply got a call from this amount on my cell phone


    By Roberta Albrecht 19 Jan 2016

    this is another case of the government not doing one god damned thing to stop this annoyance. call your phone company and whine makes you feel better


    By Ann Macisaac 28 May 2016

    buddy from UK gave me phone a number . i could not sens Sims to him. why

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