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By Samantha Cabanaw 11 Jun 2016

This amount simply called my friends land line simply one ring afterward it rang off before my buddy could answer it afterward it rang again and my pal the answered it and she said it was just music so she hung upward he res the odd part i picked upwards the phone to ring there was an automatic voice going on around board band and giving upwards the goods i hung upwards the telephone twice to attempt and ring and still the express was there st rage.

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    By K Honecker 19 Jun 2016

    hostile aggressive add rep with different story every time. avert.


    By Grace Eldred 07 Jul 2016

    incurable vows Ave Garner UN cheque DE euros apples nous retirement Au urgent .Jew sis pas Si Vera Au pas.


    By Rosomb Jones 28 Jun 2016

    they're a legit solicitors if you be had an injury new law solicitors


    By Debora White 04 Jul 2016

    they named my cell now and did not leave a message.


    By Michael Pelzer 30 Apr 2016

    calls and hangs upward indeed


    By Anita Hooks 27 Jan 2016

    i need to cease this number from calling me


    By Mary lee Meyers 17 Jan 2016

    he has my name and Sir name yesterday i had emailed a man who i presumed to be sheikh Assam AL hake em to ask a question


    By Verla Odom 11 Jun 2016

    eastern accent asked for Isabella no one here by that name merely hung upward.


    By Bill Bunkofske 01 Jan 2016

    they named and asked for Sharon i told them they had the erroneous amount and was told they would upgrade their records


    By Tiera Proctor 03 Jul 2016

    who are you and what you need from me you merely said that i won thousands dollars how i will create sure that its re all not fake

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