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By Kj Shafmsn 03 Jun 2016

This amount called me three times on they're a pest

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    By Jill Starbird 25 Feb 2016

    got a call yesterday.


    By Kathy Cochrane 18 Apr 2016

    spoofing refers to someone cloaking the number they are calling from behind another number . they normally spoof numbers which show up as either being local to you or from in the country they are targeting. however usually these calls are made from outside with the nation and could be coming from anywhere in the world. they use random amount generators to call you and have no idea where you really are.


    By Helen Beeles 11 Jul 2016

    this number calls with others so much . I am a province away it wouldn't be UN heard of if i went to Manitoba to confront or something more extreme so they get the frig gin message to quit calling people with their scams.


    By Jesscia Lewis 20 Apr 2016

    they rang me or times. so i believed it was maybe someone that i knew but who i hadn't saved their name. anyway i subsequently text the number asking who they was they began to forwards all my texts back to rampaged repeatedly telling me i was Lola


    By Trevor Rinehart 24 Apr 2016

    only got a call


    By Vivian Kean 04 Jul 2016

    any one know around his


    By Carlos Libreros 24 Jan 2016

    my husband was named from this number by someone who claimed to be from t cellular telephone even checked the amount on here to see if it was legitimately t cellular telephone which it appeared to be. he signed up for a new iPhone on my behalf with them giving them his card details as they said the phone had to be paid for on his account. however hes only rung t mobile to cancel it as i changed my head and t cellular telephone have no record of the call or the trade. we could conclude that its a third party and they re not valid so if they ring tell them you ll ring t cellular telephone back directly from your handset.


    By Melissa Willasch 19 Apr 2016



    By Kathy Hatter 22 Jun 2016

    i was called at . am by this number. i wondered who was calling after midnight


    By Savannah Wynn 26 Jun 2016

    who is this

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