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By Hart Nick 22 Jun 2016

Numbers commencing xxx are fake. they have not been brought into use. the call is a scam or criminal or spoof or whatever you enjoy to call it.

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    By Xiaoyan Liu 22 May 2016

    repeatedly calling me then hissing die die expire into the phone.


    By Stacy Johns 17 Mar 2016

    i got one this morning at sh. no notion who it was. all i got within voice mail was a odd male laugh.


    By Wallace Daffner 07 Mar 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Uwe Bergermann 27 Jun 2016

    who is this caller


    By Alex Baczynskyj 10 Mar 2016

    spam calls as Paul then as Kelly then as Norris


    By H Creasy 18 Apr 2016

    named today at am from Indian sounding woman with poor English from the UK national reclaim section saying i was owed around but she needed by date of arrival before she could give me any further information. sat on Google whilst on the telephone and found this website read outside some stuff from Google to her telling her it could be a scam eventually i got her to read outside my address etc. Twp try and demonstrate authenticity and she had an old address from several years ago. decided to walk away from my and post this instead


    By Na Tomasko 28 Jun 2016

    Newcastle accent calling for weightlifting guidance.


    By Sheila Zehring 23 May 2016

    you utter bell finish...


    By Loren Fortney 06 May 2016

    replied vehicle express message responded. now blocked added to the hundreds blocked already


    By Lorellie Grott 06 Jun 2016

    continuous harassment from whom ever this is but never speaks once answered. i try to contact back and get a dead tone. prevent calling back

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