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By Michelle Mcmahen 27 Jan 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

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    By KAY MALONE 14 Feb 2016

    keeps calling my amount.


    By Vickie Ham 25 Jun 2016

    rang me offering me said they dint need card details or a guarantor... but subsequently inquired me for account details claimed their company is called loans cloud i inquired for their registered amount amp apparently they are not allowed to give it over the telephone a load of BS ignore them or block their number


    By Bobby Sonnenberg 10 May 2016

    i received a text today from Zoe on requesting the prices of the treatment services we offer. however lately we have had fairly a few marketing companies requesting advice via text only to attempt to sell us their services inside return. so we've gotten into the practice of go ogling unknown numbers to ensure that they are not of this ilk.BR BR on doing this we were surprised to locate the above info pertaining to the number which is exceptionally odd.BR BR however what is even more unusual is that the man whomever it's i.e. Suzanne from Manchester Sara within black pole or Zoe whom could in fact be a man named Jamie who requested the treatment fees particularly asked for Swedish massage which is something that the bulk of our clients do not can they inquire for massage which could indicates a specialist knowledge inside the subject of treatment or with them even being a therapist themselves BR at the really least we have some weirdo here who is playing ridiculous buggers and i thank goodness for smart phones and weirdo blocking apps


    By Eli Gilliam 12 Feb 2016

    who owns the number


    By Lisa Spurgeon 08 Mar 2016

    same happened to me a man with an Indian emphasis starting telling me he had the solution for all the windows malfunctions i recently had. but i didn't have any


    By Ora Collard 24 Apr 2016

    for Min's i am on network has anyone got any feedback on this.


    By Kay Guidry 04 Mar 2016

    got missed call. wonder from who..


    By Lance Etchison 25 May 2016

    dint understand how this no got on our business phone which had been diverted to our serviced office no. when i rang it was always engaged. started searching into this because our clients were not ringing us back...


    By Ashwajeet G 04 Jun 2016

    who are u i knew who calling u


    By Fred Bosilevac 12 Jul 2016

    missed call

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