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By Michelle Mcmahen 27 Jan 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

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    By Tallishia Dillard 26 Apr 2016

    threatening to killer me


    By Rosanne Cipriano 30 Jun 2016

    simply had one away one of these odd numbers. the empty weirdos get stranger all the time. and continue to waste their time dial ling my amount which of course i never response to spam and crimes so the subhuman thickos continue to constantly waste their time and resources to no effect. except making everyone think that they re brain damaged wankers and cs and inferior moron crimes. amusing old amount though isn't it. weirdos.


    By Leeann Messer 25 Apr 2016

    me hr overly... man times. Amy idea


    By Debra Calcagni 13 Jun 2016

    i am becoming calls but it would sent join might it be a relay number or a scam number


    By Steven Tyne 30 Jun 2016

    i didn't reply no vim left. i called back automated message saying sorry we're not able to reply your call does not once identify who they are. the recording says you may leave a message if you need to be on their don't call list also references some mailing and to reference your pledge amount so I'm guessing its a telemarketer. boo.


    By R Cobb 31 Mar 2016

    only need to know who it's


    By Janice Giuliano 18 Apr 2016

    only had a muffled express from this number sounded like a Mr Alan Dennis from a publishing company why and then it vehicle magically cut itself off before i had even time to slam the telephone down why


    By Kelli Sandmark 14 May 2016

    getting this call on pretext of verification. got calls from to pm on ND seep


    By Jozsef Schuller 03 Feb 2016

    this caller is listed as scam fraud on white pages so dint reply the calls. were on the do not call list.


    By Drew Lamoreux 15 May 2016

    who is this

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