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By Michelle Mcmahen 27 Jan 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

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    By margie662 hotmail.com Margie 29 Apr 2016

    rang me on my mobile number but when i answered they place the phone down. i rang back with no answer so i attempted again after from my land line.man replied and i explained i had received a call but they had place the phone down.he apologized and asked for my cellular telephone amount and when i gave him it he already knew my name so i inquired where he got my amount from.he said i must have filled something outside online which i ha vent nevertheless i did try to get a ethic card but couldn't get onto the system so i had to do it by telephone.when i researched this MS UK it said it was the new medicine service from the HS which is weird as obviously the ethic cards are done via the HS.i said i was on the phone preference service so i shouldn't receive calls and he said oh that's what everyone says the matter is when they fill out forms online they don't select the boxes which state that they do not desire to be contacted.i said that i always do so he subsequently said i must admit its a error i make we all can it..he than said well dint you want to understand what we named you Fri said no and place the phone down afterward blocked them.


    By Brian Kauer 14 Jun 2016



    By John Monczak 09 Jun 2016

    no shape


    By Jared Babbitt 13 May 2016

    this business offering job for me


    By Barbara Gerber 31 May 2016

    i got a call from this no telling me i won up to euros.


    By Kimberly Slocum 30 Jun 2016

    i desire to know who the caller is


    By Sheline Hulbert 28 Mar 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Victoria Coupland 03 Mar 2016

    called about the accident that i had recently


    By Lori Bolle 24 Jan 2016

    songbird incoming Cal


    By Bob Your-head 01 Jul 2016


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