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By Brenda Thorsland 03 Jul 2016

Man drear kronor p MiG fr Sims jag inter sickest

By Geraldine Dalen 11 Jun 2016

Unknown number

By Donna Ciaramello 29 Jan 2016

Marketing call alleging they were from the government energy section IE a govt body. just after i queried it did i get that it was from solar tech UK. said they had my amount from homeowners database inquired for number they were calling from and this was refused spoke to supervisor Hannah who refused to give surname said they had bought my amount of the internet. when i inquired her for amount calling from and said i wanted to make a criticism she hung umbra have submitted criticism to icon and taps suggest others can the same

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    By Furry Stanley 18 Jun 2016

    keeps calling


    By Jeri Brinks 15 Apr 2016

    ignored it


    By Dustin Fehnel 15 Jun 2016

    just range once and subsequently hung up


    By shannon sizemore 06 May 2016

    i dint know who this is


    By Sheree Hopkins 25 May 2016

    saying they're a pi claim company.


    By EGGERS LYLE 08 May 2016

    merely curious


    By Yasin Ahmad 07 Feb 2016

    i only had the same call. a man who was talking about virus message sending from my virus system. when i inquired some questions he hung upward the phone


    By Julie Spizzano 31 May 2016

    calls all the time. does not leave any message.


    By Chrissy Dronet 14 Jun 2016

    who ever it was they did not say anything. i just hung upward. i have had a call like this before . the number is all most the same . look and this is the number that called yesterday


    By Shelly Harwell 20 Apr 2016

    all you women who dint trust your hubby's and SOS should be dumped by them. you are all ignorant cows. its a yahoo I'm amount it could be anybody and they have no control around incoming texts if you dint trust them and have to steal about prying into their private email you ought to leave them anyway. i hope you all wind upwards out on the street. morons

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