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By Brenda Thorsland 03 Jul 2016

Man drear kronor p MiG fr Sims jag inter sickest

By Geraldine Dalen 11 Jun 2016

Unknown number

By Donna Ciaramello 29 Jan 2016

Marketing call alleging they were from the government energy section IE a govt body. just after i queried it did i get that it was from solar tech UK. said they had my amount from homeowners database inquired for number they were calling from and this was refused spoke to supervisor Hannah who refused to give surname said they had bought my amount of the internet. when i inquired her for amount calling from and said i wanted to make a criticism she hung umbra have submitted criticism to icon and taps suggest others can the same

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    By john j dipasquantonio 28 Mar 2016

    want to know whose amount this is . unknown to me.


    By Sly Noel 21 May 2016

    Klein Dee fr geld and ere lute adrift


    By R Hout 14 Jun 2016

    the amount is coming from a spiritual and very right wing organization called the ACLU. they just want your cash for their extreme cause. i have done the automated manner of asking to be removed from all calls there's an alternative for reduced calls and they don't quit. have reported them as my number is on a don't call registry and i additionally will never support an organization like this anyway. now they're blocked from calling at all.


    By Jason Dogan 04 Jun 2016

    this phone showed up on caller id. formerly reported on this website. now it will be report to do not call site


    By Yaa Boatemaah 02 May 2016

    i got a call from this number now and they left a voice mail. turns outside to be my customer service from my online pharmacy. this may be a default amount used for customer service calls


    By Donald Delisle 04 May 2016

    the fax caller


    By Amber Harlow 19 Mar 2016

    dead air


    By Trena Lemelle 21 May 2016

    amount unknown to me but the express was really recognizable to other phone calls i have received a particular Asian gentleman named peter Paul and anyone else he wants to call himself he was on around a loan of around k that i have had so inside no polite terms i told him what to can with himself and place the phone down


    By Autumn Bamber 13 Mar 2016

    could u direct me to a site that lists the rest by any chance


    By Deb Austin 28 Jun 2016

    missed the call

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