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By Brenda Thorsland 03 Jul 2016

Man drear kronor p MiG fr Sims jag inter sickest

By Geraldine Dalen 11 Jun 2016

Unknown number

By Donna Ciaramello 29 Jan 2016

Marketing call alleging they were from the government energy section IE a govt body. just after i queried it did i get that it was from solar tech UK. said they had my amount from homeowners database inquired for number they were calling from and this was refused spoke to supervisor Hannah who refused to give surname said they had bought my amount of the internet. when i inquired her for amount calling from and said i wanted to make a criticism she hung umbra have submitted criticism to icon and taps suggest others can the same

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    By Dana Harlan 16 May 2016

    calling this number back results in an unobtainable tone or the message amount not recognized.. consequently be aware that this is a spoofed number being used by a spook caller.


    By Jaime Hetzer 27 Feb 2016

    hi am Mary i already paid my credit card in ADC i already have a settlement letter last June i paid the full and closing settlement. i assess it to the customer services of ADC still i have staying balance. my question is how many days it will be clear because the collection department told to me its on internal process. i additionally applying for indebtedness letter if my name within the system isn't however clear i cannot get it. and i need that indebtedness letter urgently. pals help me regarding this matter.


    By Kirk Gaudet 26 Mar 2016

    had a call when answered caller puts phone down.


    By Alexandria Maravilla 31 May 2016

    unknown name


    By James Terry Johnson 08 Jun 2016

    i must declare my friend gave me their amount since they claimed back around from a loan so they appear good.BR BR they're loads of companies outside there doing the same thing...you only have to look inside paper to see that they are usually quite successful at winning back your poi. they all charge roughly around for every you get back .BR BR lets trust i get my cash back from my credit card company


    By Richard Mcguire 24 May 2016

    goodbye on my answering machine.


    By ioi oppo 04 May 2016

    cease calling me I'm not interested


    By Thomas a Lomelino 13 Mar 2016

    this gives the same Englishwoman's recorded message around poi left on answerphone that I have had dozens of times since early last bearer BR i have received this same call this year from other numbers and as Weller BR I have reported these calls to icon many times but they still ha vent stopped this group of cowboys


    By Starlene Deleon 16 Jun 2016

    they claimed to be calling from a sub contractor for mob had none of the right information


    By Cornelius Irby 04 Mar 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. no voice message left.

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