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By Philip Mcquiston 08 Mar 2016

I want t know who own this number he tell me his name is Charles Allen

By Jakob Bock 05 Mar 2016

Indian man has phoned times now he said hes ringing from British consumers when i asked for my details to be removed from their system he refused and said he would phone me everyday until i completed his survey.

By Jennifer Seda 09 Feb 2016

Same as above really. when i refused to give tips he cut me away. pretty sure same company keeps shifting cellular telephone numbers. definitely from Asia though stated he could help me with my debts but as normal wouldn't say what they were....breaks upwards the day i suppose

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    By Nedy Tucci 14 Mar 2016

    called x no message


    By Angelique Kui 19 Jun 2016

    Zoe Rodriguez was the wrest room ate in the world . she never paid any utilities and was supposed to pay per month plus utilities the advertisement said plus utilities she said from the beginning lix that plus meant contained i didn't realize i was being scammed but i did understand she was mean and nasty she went into her room slammed the door and from there left her light on instead of saving electrify it ended up costing me per month Cu's she is nuts.BR and i mean this. she ended upward listening to what the man who installed cable told her got his number and screwed him all because i was cleaning he hall he said and i estimate there must be something erroneous with that guy he seemed sort of weird here is my amount. Mg what a cock blocker . she fell for this line stupid


    By Ernest Nevard 19 Jun 2016



    By Ututalum Maryam 07 Jun 2016

    who is this and how do i cease it


    By Traci Millette 12 Apr 2016

    been calling me i dint reply thought it was a dc region code but no one should call me from this amount thanks for the information presumed something was upward itch the lost digit will never response a amount i dint know


    By Joyce Wagner 28 Apr 2016

    i attended slimming world and Zomba to lose st fat i was unsuccessful. i attended slimming world jars for year enough for anything.


    By Jacquelyn Schaefbauer 25 Feb 2016

    call message declared that folks within my place on benefits would be eligible for free boiler. press to speak with an advisor.BR had this call before I am not on benefits so i didn't press . amount has called several times which i ignored until today.BR quite agreeable Scottish woman replied when was pressed. told her i wasn't on benefits but she kept going asking how considerably i spent on energy petrol. explained i didn't know as i had only changed supplier i inquired her not to she said okay and indicated she would remove my number.BR he res hoping she keeps her word. if all cold callers were the same maybe the countries pressure degrees would be closer to ordinary amounts.


    By Ametria Barnes 24 May 2016

    scam block it


    By Wayne Adelsberger 28 Apr 2016

    Marta Evan


    By Amber Curfman 25 May 2016

    OK then

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