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By Shondalay Johnson 06 Jun 2016

No one responded.

By Tandy Wilson 11 Feb 2016

Some Asian guy named Kevin about a auto accident i apparently forgot i had

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    By Kurt Cordova 28 Jun 2016

    no message left.


    By Xiaohong Liu 03 Apr 2016

    got a call that showed not available on caller id. guy had foreign emphasis and i could not understand. he gave me to his supervise who also had a foreign emphasis. he said that Microsoft had located that my computer had been hacked. he said Microsoft had contracted with his company .he was very pushy and said they needed to cease the hackers and i needed to give him some tips right away. i asked him the name of the company and telephone number create ch and after checking the phone amount online it appears to be a routine persons number so he likely made it up. i called the business that does my computer security and they said my computer was fine. so dint give these people any information or better though dint reply the telephone.


    By Julian Swain 29 Jan 2016

    i received a call from this number only missed it by the time i got to the phone. looks bizarre that fife police would be calling me at half and when i live within malathion. really odd wish i could telephone back and ask.


    By shannon bastian 25 Jun 2016

    its the claim guys and as soon as you block they start ringing from their other offices Birmingham numbers and thousand


    By WES ANDERSON 06 Jul 2016

    no messages was left.


    By kevin descoteaux 05 Apr 2016

    quiet call.


    By Brandon Shifflet 06 Jan 2016

    I've got a missed call from this amount


    By Sylvia Cuestas 23 May 2016

    who are you and y did you call


    By Kamala Athorpe 22 Feb 2016

    not accurate i suppose barb works for this business...BR BR got a call from some man on July rd from this number and i declined to would the so called welling survey. he proceeded to lecture me how i was essentially UN American for declining the survey. i asked politely to be removed from the call list. well i have been named nearly today since then. i guess that they have most likely put me on some type of harass list because i have not answered since the first time and they keep calling and leave a express mail about of the time. my advice dint response. not even once and maybe they ll leave u alone.


    By Nj Shacklock 25 Feb 2016

    rang tonight definite Indian emphasis couldn't make out what he was phoning around. told him he should not be phoning ma as we had caller taste. he remarked well how do i have your amount then its pretty clear that phone numbers are being sold on not amused

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