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By D Gordon-mccullou 09 Jul 2016

I got a message

By Karley Riggenbach 28 May 2016

It is a scam.

By Lindsay Woodberry 11 Jan 2016


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    By Jeremiah Lacoille 20 Apr 2016

    i met him inside interface quiet. the man is a dangerous sociopath who takes pains to hide his tracks online. he especially preys on vulnerable women and is a master of passive competitive mind games.


    By Paul Quandt 14 Mar 2016

    no message left.


    By Marjory Chelsea 05 Apr 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Bobbie Galiotos 01 Jun 2016

    phone answer machine showed a message. no message recorded as caller hung up. dial led and the number given was . assessed number on Google and located web site with opinions from other individuals receiving calls from this number. we're telephone taste and have been on our property line for over years. want to know where they get the numbers from


    By Jilian Ebsen 17 Mar 2016

    Maj DE text


    By Daniel Colvis 05 Feb 2016



    By Joe Jeffra 13 Jul 2016

    this amount called me twice now.BR returned call and got a peculiar message.BR Feb


    By Vince Csonka 16 Apr 2016

    want these text messages and telephone calls to stop asap. costing me heaps. what something done asap


    By Liz Rosinski 26 Jun 2016

    had phone call from female named Natasha telling me had auto accident. when i inquired where she had obtained this tips said road traffic injury survey association never heard of it. when i asked for the name of her company as my barrister want to contact them she terminated the call. whether she heard or not dint know.


    By Lucy Delbuono 06 Apr 2016

    who owns this phone number

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