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By Christine Mathis 19 Jun 2016

Got a call from this amount now cant locate outside where the call came from asked about my credit card. i place the phone down.

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    By Beatrice Wines 03 May 2016



    By Kathleen Desiato 05 May 2016

    rings afterward hangs up replayed not even airing tone


    By Roberta Mays 10 Apr 2016

    got calls


    By Carla Whetham 20 Jun 2016

    named and hung up without a word.


    By Carlton Herring 15 Jun 2016



    By Holly Krapsicher 08 Apr 2016

    only got a call


    By Karen Alberini 19 May 2016

    yes i have been quite mindful on fit.com. please don't ever give these men any type of cash. a real man would have friends and family that would be able to provide them cash versus us strangers. these are all scams. they pull you into presuming they are who they assert to be but they are not. my guy used the name Hugh brownish silver city and the numbers that he used were phone text text text text. at the beginning we chatted around a local number but as shortly as i suggested assembly for coffee he had to leave because of work for international investments as a fund supervisor to new York. after a week there he claimed that he had to travel with some fidelity investors to London Kent to be precise to address some of their investment needs. afterward while working in London his mom became gravely ill had a kidney transplant and afterward died. and need to stay longer to take care of his mothers estate. i never inquired him questions affecting cash and to date he had not asked for any money. being a medical professional i became even more questioning as to his true identity. when i asked him to get a web cam so that we could video chat on Skype he said that he would check into it but he never did. again this is a warning hint. web cams are so affordable and easy to get so if someone says that they cannot use one run. subsequently all of a surprising it was his daughters birthday and he proposed that i send her a token and indicated that she was looking for a gift from me. ha by i knew he wasn't actual but i decided to answer back by saying that i would prefer buying her a gift with him when he returned to the USA so that the gift was more private. he agreed subsequently he called to say that he had to travel through Madrid on his excursion back to the USA and got mugged at the airport. it was good news because he had already purchased his airline ticket. he didn't dare inquire for cash. as the story goes he disappeared and communication stopped. i suppose this is because i never discussed cash with him. women beware there are fairly a lot of frauds on match.com. there are guys that post to your city simply to get you talking but when they desire to convey directly dint give yours outside ever block caller id they are actually within another state. i have complained on two added users to fit.com for men who incorrectly list as living inside California but live in other states van wilder lives within auburn AL affirm lives in Syracuse NY.BR i have several friends who have met their husbands boyfriends on fit.com so it is clear that there are actual men outside there and that the website is valid. please be intelligent and meet men of interest after a couple of email messages for java. if they come upward with an excuse not to meet say that you are not interested in continuing communications. if they cannot meet locally they're not actual. move on.


    By Carolyn Rushing 07 May 2016



    By Sharril Starn 25 Jun 2016



    By Tunick Steven 09 Jun 2016

    hushed call. likely spoofed number

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