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By mark novak 10 Apr 2016

Unknown number

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    By Eileen Stauffer 19 Jun 2016

    missed a call


    By Roman Novosiadlyi 19 Jun 2016

    recorded message that starts please listen carefully needless to say i didn't


    By Bertha Huerta 25 Feb 2016

    its three mobile phone company


    By Christopher Hollern 26 Feb 2016

    who called me from


    By Sigga Head 26 Mar 2016

    got an automated call from saying were sorry to notify you that your debit card has been deactivated... then it offers you options to reactivate it by entering your digit card number without them ever verifying your name or the bank or anything. there are no other options other than entering your card amount or ending the call.BR my son got a call with the same message minutes earlier but from . i had him listen to my call when they named me to see if it was the same. it was.BR i dint know how they got our numbers other than through t mobile. its only awkward that they called both me and my son in minutes. we don't have our numbers listed everywhere and most definitely not together. I am suspecting they got some sort of list with family numbers related.


    By Earnest Walton 09 Feb 2016

    Citibank collections dept


    By Samuel Giray 06 May 2016

    who called me


    By Kimhuong Nguyen 14 Apr 2016

    not all folks making minimal wage call people like this. i worked for minimal wage for year and i do not appreciate you talking about me or others enjoy this. the amount of cash these people make have nothing to do with how they act unethically. they have poor values. get some help with your nervous breakdown and quit stereotyping individuals.


    By James Teeling 21 Jun 2016

    nonsense about a pension they have been attempting to contact..text.


    By Bekah Bergeron 13 Jun 2016

    this named me

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