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By Kelly Mavropoulos 12 Apr 2016

Every morning between am i keep becoming a call from this amount. by the time i get to the phone they have hung up i am disabled and it's hard for me to get to the phone. this is very annoying and frustrating. please help me find outside who is calling me.

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    By Elizabeth Tocila 15 May 2016

    received phone call. did not response.


    By Brandon Henery 03 May 2016

    this is purportedly a payment officer Dr. rev. nelson Jerry from abroad payment centre inside Accra Ghana west Africa then it additionally reads from the desk of maven Alistair at the national insurance Eco wax swift remittance section at p.o.box haggardly Basra Iraq.BR BR anyone heard of understand either of these names or numbers they he inquired for for me to receive k from someone ID but buddy ed on new years day he contacted me first he goes by mango victor online looking for a wife however hes starting that's not his name that's his nickname from USA soldier on peacekeeping mission which were dint have any going on there presently per SE.BR BR even included a son by name of Jackson justice whom probably grownup accomplice also. he says hes w deceased mother at age like his fathers narrative dad also stated his parents died when he was and his wife died years past as his narrative changes.BR the addressee for western union given showed on multiple co.UK agencies midday profits fighting against scampers. be attentive ladies this emails and Facebook messenger messages but specifically emails come without any headers which means becoming wiser within our ability to find them is becoming harder.BR BR would adore to knew if anyone else heard these names number of addresses including niter a second amount showing rt now or BR BR i look forwards to precious true serious remarks and even more so Ur info will considerably help us idiots victims to these types of crimes thank you amp blessings to u all and in all you Dobro BR Sr


    By Misty Chumney 05 Apr 2016

    named unknown number


    By Katie Swann 18 Feb 2016

    yes it's.BR BR a .


    By Leann Knight 05 May 2016

    who is using this number


    By Steven Gutierrez 11 Jul 2016

    add abs g


    By User Namee 15 Jun 2016

    who is using this number


    By Christine Steinle 08 Apr 2016

    when i reply it says....incorrect option chosen


    By Virgil Barrozo 13 May 2016

    simply need to understand if it was bus sines related


    By Jason Humerous 03 May 2016

    windows technical section scam. why on earth need they ring me outside the blue. i just place the telephone down the minute the minute the foreign sounding express said he was calling from the windows specialized department. got to be bogus.

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