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By Frank Abele 25 Mar 2016

Caller knew to use text relay so someone who knows me but when i rang back number unobtainable strange

By Tina Wisner 23 Jan 2016

Zoe Rodriguez was the wrest room ate within the world . she never paid any utilities and was imagined to pay per month plus utilities the ad said plus utilities she said from the starting lix that plus meant included i didn't comprehend i was being scammed but i did understand she was mean and awful she went into her room slammed the door and from there left her light on instead of saving electrify it ended up costing me per month Cu's she is nuts.BR and i mean this. she ended upward listening to what the man who installed cable told her got his number and screwed him all because i was cleaning he hall he said and i estimate there must be something incorrect with that man he seemed kind of weird here is my amount. Mg what a cock blocker . she fell for this line stupid

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    By Kris Kannas 13 Apr 2016

    where from or organization call me


    By Val Alv 28 Apr 2016

    constantly calls


    By Enida Martinez 08 Jul 2016

    call from Astor....involving unpaid bills


    By Lorna Turville 13 Apr 2016

    Sims roofing Libra baton rouge la BR


    By ROBERT MANN 20 May 2016

    caller said he was Michael from Microsoft


    By Hyun-soo Lim 21 May 2016

    had a call from this amount today around poi wanted to understand my bank. a scam call don't give details press to quit further calls


    By Sharhonda Nibblett 24 Jun 2016

    no thought called at .am didn't reach the telephone in time and no message left


    By Illona Morin-lubart 12 Mar 2016

    summit Mara bod oh minicam Mara pun bod oh Sb Apia Mara bod oh Sb tote fail ducat collector least DA criticism summit minicam dag Mara summit Mara KP Tu peak representative jg lay an Twp Balkan minicam shove org collector Sr cutup Bk koala bu to Mara G minicam pun bod oh DA tau ha bis bleaker Tu byre Leah jg tangy byre DA blacklist not is hair Batu ingot Dan Huang summit Mara Ni chief politic kowtow bi la Masai do rang bole Baku akin Dan skate passport Twp Dakota bi la simpleness summit Mara Dan peak minicam bod oh collector clanking tug as UK ingot Huang Koran ESL Koran ma ti tersest Dem cuber tau cuber ma sing Twp ingot Allah s.w.t..


    By W. Smith 19 Mar 2016

    lying cheating scamming business chilly named me striving to get my personal details from me block them and dint speak to them report them to your telephone supplier.


    By Antony Jinumon 25 May 2016

    did loan set ring you or you ring Thimbu what did you say to you bank when they said its under investigation did you tell them about loan company

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