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By Frank Abele 25 Mar 2016

Caller knew to use text relay so someone who knows me but when i rang back number unobtainable strange

By Tina Wisner 23 Jan 2016

Zoe Rodriguez was the wrest room ate within the world . she never paid any utilities and was imagined to pay per month plus utilities the ad said plus utilities she said from the starting lix that plus meant included i didn't comprehend i was being scammed but i did understand she was mean and awful she went into her room slammed the door and from there left her light on instead of saving electrify it ended up costing me per month Cu's she is nuts.BR and i mean this. she ended upward listening to what the man who installed cable told her got his number and screwed him all because i was cleaning he hall he said and i estimate there must be something incorrect with that man he seemed kind of weird here is my amount. Mg what a cock blocker . she fell for this line stupid

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    By Trisha Furr 10 Mar 2016



    By Jenny Brongo 25 Apr 2016

    it does not look like a cellphone number. curious


    By Hosam Abdel=megid 24 May 2016

    additionally getting this message no reply when i return the call. they keep asking for a name unknown to me. i have had this number since the exchange was started so he never had this amount.BR BR its revealing up on my land line i believe it is a scam.


    By debby Dorny 17 Apr 2016

    called me on my cellular telephone amount.


    By Jon Fredberg 02 Apr 2016

    great morning my beautiful baby i classroom title infant info ml IMF


    By Doit Miller 06 Apr 2016

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    By Thomas Velin 18 Jun 2016

    receiving unwanted calls


    By Volodymyr Bratun 07 Jun 2016



    By Irene Snider 30 Apr 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By MARA ANDERSON 08 Jun 2016


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