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By Loraine Steele 11 Apr 2016

Becoming fed upward of this number that keeps phoning me times a day i dint response.

By vicki bates 11 Apr 2016

Premium rate call back scam. they want you to call them back and they will keep you busy with lies and nonsense while you run upwards a bill.

By Essa Zulfiqar 06 Mar 2016

Its a scam dint give money

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    By rockonsister13 aol.com Crystal 01 Jul 2016

    would love to understand name of company


    By Adriana Amato 11 Jul 2016

    this amount is giving missed calls to me.


    By William C. Hernandez Jr. 05 Mar 2016

    same amount with me who just call around court and Bela Bela Bela


    By Russ Chidy 11 Jan 2016

    i have named this overly it's fraud squad for Halifax checking transactions


    By Aurelio Pereira 27 Apr 2016

    did not answer


    By Rina Onyshko 18 Jun 2016

    serious scampers beware BR a Herefords.IRS. warns of pervasive phone scamps.IRS. warns of pervasive telephone scumbag BR i got a telephone call to my cell telephone and named from a Google express amount. the first time i called the guy screamed at me to put my DJ in your mouth around times because i inquired who it was that was calling me instead of giving him my name as he requested. he has an Indian emphasis and its always the same people.BR BR when i named them back a second time i gave a fictitious name and telephone amount and he reads me this long script about how my taxes from are wrong and that they're calling from the IRS auditing section that i still owe a bunch of money and that the local authorities are coming for me with an arrest warrant. i laughed at him and hung upward. he identified himself as john Steele which is preposterous enough for a white man let alone someone with such a thick Indian emphasis.


    By Crystal Heitger 02 Mar 2016

    among the nuisance calls i had from this shower actually left a message. sounds like a really pushy sales outfit striving to sell BTU fibre optic broadband to BTU phone customers. i additionally get or letters a month shoving this.BR BR letters are fine they just waste about seconds. but BTU should not get sales sharks to call me around broadband because i am registered with the taps and i have never had a customer supplier relationship with BTU for broadband nor even inquired.


    By Dalton Kayla 11 Jun 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone amount. did not leave a message.


    By N Everson 25 May 2016

    located this amount on my caller id.


    By Gretchena Callahan 04 Jun 2016

    me Cameron y AL competition Ina viz DE hombre Dijon mi hombre y me Felicity Eli AI nevi.

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