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By James Amoah 13 Apr 2016

Unquote Sir Les annex salaries Danes la commune DE... Ave advantages bailable...

By Marjorie Osgood 01 Jan 2016

This amount has named my home several times.

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    By James 4th 21 Mar 2016

    i received a call at . from this amount. it was a foreign woman the you have had a auto accident scam i have not had an injury and told her not to ring again.BR i also place a block this number.


    By William Pysher 10 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Stacy Ivanoff 16 Feb 2016

    this owner amount liar because he take my moneybag only wanna understand he group where he live


    By Robert Endler 27 May 2016



    By Barry Blier 18 Apr 2016

    i got a call from that amount on my mobile whose amount has only been given to my daughter. BR i use another mobile for everybody else.BR so this is definitely coming from orb i dint even fuss answering they keep calling frequently though they never give upwards do they


    By Roseline Peyton 22 May 2016

    yep Sheffield is MBA chasing


    By Kaysha White 20 Jun 2016

    I have been becoming these calls overly scampers from discuss talk they've changed tack though it used to be a distinct number with a different reason now they say my router is infected and they will terminate my internet link within days if i dint log on and sort it out told them where to go. a word of warning though i did get calls every day a few weeks ago afterward one morning woke up to locate my router had been hacked i could not get onto the internet at all no web connection the security crucial had changed and i had to contact my USP to get it resolved.


    By Mike Maurin 09 Jan 2016

    sales call.


    By Geanne Neumeier 29 Apr 2016

    poi pain within the neck iv had to stop answering my phone and wait for message on answerphone to see if it's significant they should have their phones cut off.


    By Gary Currence 21 Jan 2016

    caller said he was from CPR research offering free gov backed survey of walls and roof and that i qualified for free repairs etc if needed. when i asked if the co. was ltd and on the internet he said yes. i said i consistently checked out cogency went quire but afterward ended the call with an abrupt goodbye i could not subsequently such a business on the web or at companies house

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