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By Melvin Murakami 29 Apr 2016

Property line call didn't leave a message was in the shower happy i didn't fuss answering it. Haas

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    By Googy Dopey 15 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who calls from this phone amount.


    By Jenelle Bartels 11 Feb 2016

    me es tan Armando considerably DE Ester numeric devolve la lambada y es para music


    By Dave Tag 18 Jun 2016

    simply called. i picked upward phone but didn't say anything and caller said hello couple of times and hung upwards.BR really fed upwards with these stupid callers.


    By sherie moore 09 Jun 2016

    someone called and didn't leave a message


    By Todor Caran 15 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call. no message left.


    By Kurt Tomei 14 May 2016



    By Lasondra Thompson 28 Apr 2016



    By Laurel Wanat 05 Jun 2016

    i stupidly ordered these bags last year using my husbands card he was with me and knew what i was doing got the telephone call and got the booklet its just because my husband goes through our bank account with a fine tooth comb did he detect the . for free time i believe i lodged it with activity fraud the government fraud help line and we managed to get a refund through our bank think it helped that we had a fraud offense number too. this was all at the start of last year. now i had a call on my mobile asking for my husband i inquired what it was involving and he said oh it doesn't matter i will call later if he isn't accessible i said well you may attempt but you have named my cellular telephone so you will still get me he afterward we on to say it was affecting the space bags he purchased last year i went angry and said your business illegally stole nearly from our bank and i reported you for fraud take me off you mailing list and never call me again he hung up. I'm fuming but apprehensive we are about to receive another letter and another attempt at our bank even thought we destroyed that card


    By Fannie Richardson 20 Mar 2016

    taps acknowledge they just help a .guardian.co. telephone closes calls because the shysters who can call are either scam artists incompetent or find loop holes. if you have asked any firm to refrain from calling you and they call again report them to the icon and invoice them and make BR BR icon a hereafter.icon.gov.UK.icon.gov.Akbar in march we set upward a survey a .snap surveys..ASPCA the icon website so individuals could tell us around any unwanted texts and calls they have been receiving. so much we've received over responses. we know the majority of these messages and calls have been made by companies who attempt to stay anonymous inside the trust they can gain by selling personal info to claims management companies and other marketing organizations. we are using the info supplied by the public to identify those responsible and excellent Thimbu BR invoice them for wasting your lumber BR as reported by the bicarb BR he answered the callers questions until he was eventually passed through to a UK functioning named poi promise line and told them he wanted to be taken off their sales list.BR BR i said to them you need to quit calling me and i said if you keep calling me ill charge you a minute for my time to be talking to you Mr Herman said speaking to radio s cash carton software me.BR BR i presumed that would be the finish of it but to my astonishment they named me again.BR during the second call which came just two days after Mr Herman waited and a half minutes to be place through to the UK functioning to support that it was the same company as before and to explain that he was now charging for his time.BR BR so when he got off the phone he sent an invoice for to poi assert line.BR at first he got no response. so Mr Herman sent the invoice again this time by recorded delivery. poi assert line afterward wrote to him.BR BR the business said it itself did not cold call but it purchased introductions from other marketing companies including AC a UK company based within bishops Stafford Hartford's which uses the overseas call centre that had first named Mr Herman and passed him on to poi promise line.BR the business said there was no record of Mr Herman's amount within its database or that of any of its associate companies.BR BR but Mr Herman had recorded the telephone calls. so stepping upward his consumer assertiveness another equipment he filed a case inside the small claims court a Herefords.gov.unmake money claim inlets.gov.unmake cash assert inalienable BR and that seemed to do the trick and the case was settled before it went to court.BR BR AC the business which had called Mr Herman on behalf of poi assert line paid him for his time and electricity as well as his court costs.BR BR a .BBC.co.agribusiness abbr BR richer Herman has now set upward an web website if you need more help a .syntactically.coma


    By T Deyampert 10 Jul 2016

    additionally call me ever day dint say anything and ill would the talking. okay

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