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By Jesus Abina 15 Jun 2016

I dint know who named me BR no is

By Sharon Alicea 03 Mar 2016

Call on my cell telephone comes from . my telephone suddenly pops up a message amount applications sum please wait. the voice on the other ends says the number you have entered is not valid please enter a valid number. when i attempt to call it back the number mechanically changes to and the same thing happens with the amount card warning and voice message. have no notion what this is.

By Cheri Boucher 07 Jan 2016

I got a small girl who was speaking English. but i could not understand what they were say kn

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    By Thalia Moore 02 Jul 2016

    Mara debt collect er


    By Kyler Katka 07 Feb 2016

    girlfriend keeps becoming the odd call from this amount.never ring it back and it just rings once when they ring. Greer


    By James Chanbonpin 24 Mar 2016

    i dint no who is this


    By Levi Flowers 19 Jun 2016

    got a call this morning.


    By Kiran Ismail 20 Mar 2016

    call back on a roofing job


    By Heather Koperniak 22 Jun 2016

    simply desire to know WHO's calling amp not talking.


    By Kishore Deosaran 05 May 2016

    were you trying to call BTU this number comes upward when you search BTU fault line tel number. i couldn't open links as also had an problem with broadband and this was the just BTU number i could see. certainly sounds enjoy BTU when you get through and asks the same questions BTU inquire. recorded voice states we are experiencing high volume of calls we will be with you as soon as potential. i held for Min's and got charged from my o mobile.


    By David patrick Pabian 18 Jun 2016

    mo SE quine es Ace me llama


    By Alejandra Nunez 08 Apr 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. no express message left.


    By Kate Spade 28 Feb 2016

    this business have been calling my year old son regarding an injury he is imagined to have had inside his car

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