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By Jesus Abina 15 Jun 2016

I dint know who named me BR no is

By Sharon Alicea 03 Mar 2016

Call on my cell telephone comes from . my telephone suddenly pops up a message amount applications sum please wait. the voice on the other ends says the number you have entered is not valid please enter a valid number. when i attempt to call it back the number mechanically changes to and the same thing happens with the amount card warning and voice message. have no notion what this is.

By Cheri Boucher 07 Jan 2016

I got a small girl who was speaking English. but i could not understand what they were say kn

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    By Juan carlos Canete 13 Jul 2016

    received a call from this number while was talking on other line.


    By Jeremy Gehring 14 May 2016

    had a call from . upon response it hangs upward. i have had similar from another number before. i will attempt and elevate the matter if it continues.


    By Dan Frank 09 Apr 2016

    m tired of this number


    By Amy Jengo 10 Jul 2016

    backup mg Ada Meuse KO auk


    By Mary jo Davison 14 Apr 2016

    no SE quine me llama


    By Dyanna Adams 07 Jun 2016

    keep getting calls from this number. do not recognize it.


    By Renea Irwin 20 May 2016

    hi i recd call from may i know is dis


    By Becky Frizzell 15 Feb 2016

    a .mirror.co.investigations ... mint while.HTML BR simply read this blog it says it all and this is among those many companies.


    By Theresa Deshane 16 Mar 2016

    i have had a couple of missed calls to my mobile telephone from this number. they don't leave any messages.


    By Johanna Stevenson 12 May 2016

    when i reply they hang up.

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