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By Leigh Devore 08 May 2016

Unsavoury text message.

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    By Todd Woitte 19 Feb 2016

    who named me


    By Erik Tallon 06 Jul 2016

    when the machine picked upward caller hung upward.


    By Omar Hencock 08 Feb 2016

    what business are you from


    By Dareld Wright 31 Jan 2016

    missed call from this number but when tried to call back it was disconnected


    By Willenbring Robert 07 Jan 2016

    they just called me.


    By Jeremy Ricks 22 Jan 2016

    assessed on your property.i cannot see how they will get you a reduction.maybe you should have a word with the tenants at no .SJ associates put an attractiveness in there and the case was dismissed.every allure place in on Bessemer manner has neglected.have a word with the tenants at no .any further telephone calls from them asking for money let me know.


    By Ruth Sullens 03 Mar 2016

    do not response digit numbers my co worker did and they charged minutes of time to her pay as you go phone. i am stressed of what could happen since i answered my phone and kept asking who is this the only result was Karen on line i kept asking what company she was with but she would not answer and after seconds hung upwards. i telephoned t cellular telephone since i don't have a pay as you go telephone i am so worried about what minutes they could charge on my account. t Cellular telephone reports no discrepancies on my account as of yet they proposed it may be someone with a modem place up enjoy nonage but i am not recognizable with anyone with that sort of set up plus any one i understand would leave a message. several different digit combinations so way. i will not answer anymore of these digit calls and have registered on the national do not call list .


    By Sharlyn Bussanich 15 Mar 2016

    am commonly called on my mobile a amount i dint generally give outside. they call at indiscriminate times egg. during work late at nighttime am Sunday morning even. i locate the calls intrusive but am unaware the way to quit them so merely dint reply.


    By Tiger Mano 14 May 2016

    a recorded message to ask me to hire an lawyer and contact instantaneously otherwise there will be serious consequence and great luck. a alleged case number was established. when i named back using another telephone no body answered.


    By Hershel Ware 15 Jan 2016

    striving to find out who calls from this phone number.

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