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By Heidemarie Charette 08 Apr 2016

Recently got a couple of calls from the numbers below anyone got any ideas where they are coming from they are on a UK mobile and this is how they appear.BR and

By Mark Kuzara 24 Jan 2016

Brand leaders telemarketing a .com.AA

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    By ALISSA FRAME 02 Jul 2016

    i registered a brand new amount three days past have just given the amount to immediate family yet got a call from this amount today but no message they must be somehow finding numbers


    By Darren Ferrara 15 Apr 2016



    By Michael Prevoe 11 Jun 2016

    got calls from the amount.


    By Ryan Rife 16 Jan 2016



    By Kristi Bonaretti 05 Jun 2016

    this telephone amount calls today. wt is this


    By Josh Zotti 06 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Maryedna Morgan 09 Apr 2016

    about replacing boilers and windows


    By Natalie Muren 24 May 2016

    who are u


    By Avadhoot Nadkarni 30 May 2016

    record poi assert for further information to be removed pressed foolish but well exactly why not was searching for a bit of fun and got through to a human English sounding female perhaps Liverpool announced as refund dept wouldn't give any other business name needed name amp dob afterward e email address to send details when i asked for company website address and line hung upwards. cl id is one digit short so definitely spoofed but logging here for the record.BR cl id VIP provider.co.UK


    By claudia chonka 27 Jan 2016

    merely received a telephone call from the above number asking to support credit card details for a service that i have never had involving nuisance calls

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