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By Heidemarie Charette 08 Apr 2016

Recently got a couple of calls from the numbers below anyone got any ideas where they are coming from they are on a UK mobile and this is how they appear.BR and

By Mark Kuzara 24 Jan 2016

Brand leaders telemarketing a .com.AA

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    By Brian Sosna 31 Jan 2016

    a female caller inquired me some personal details


    By Katrenia Joiner 19 May 2016

    they merely named me. did not leave any express message.


    By Craig Layfield 25 Jun 2016

    i am being pestered by calls from this number several times on a daily basis. they appear to believe I've had an injury within the last years and I'm due compensation but callers cannot tell me anything around the accident. so do they know I have had one when i inquire questions they become quite stroppy. tell me that they have been given my details by the road safety something i cant create it outside due to the accent . I'm registered with the phone taste service so do they get my number


    By Justin Wittenberg 31 Mar 2016



    By Dwain Mayfield 29 May 2016

    African individual who desired to talk to me about my vacation booking with first alternative to gran could aria. when i interrogated him he hung up scam call please beware and dint give out any info.


    By Dedrick Foote 17 Feb 2016

    yes and you will go to hell


    By Jennifer Osantowske 10 Jul 2016

    this amount only rang me when i answered there was no one there clearly this would breach the chilly call rules... so an reply machine subsequently cut in with goodbye and hung upward. outrageous. and not completely clear exactly why they hassle doing this.


    By Fa Nick 16 Apr 2016

    have of these calls on my bill amp it's price me . no thought who or what they are


    By Nancy jo Chabot 11 Jun 2016

    called on my cellular telephone. no one at the other end. comes upwards as incorrect number when i call it back


    By Nathan Brezina 16 Mar 2016

    not known

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