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By Dolores Yerger 07 Jul 2016

Phone call

By richard schwab 07 Apr 2016

Now had several calls within previous few days asking around my credit card use and claimed a refund of hidden poi was awaiting me for me. on ND call i played along so way but it is a scam and told them i was not interested. now has a further calls which i have not answered. i actually think the govt should do more to close down these annoying conning Fujitsu who likely have conned young tel staff to make the repetitive calls with superb low wages. i told the young lass who named me she would keep my assert for herself as i really appreciated her advice. she inquired if she could place me on hold while she spoke to someone. when she came back she again inquired for information on my credit card use yet again con con con

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    By Stevie Holland 26 Jun 2016

    who are these individuals there ringing me too


    By Jeff Mcgow 11 Jun 2016

    rubbish calls...poi...and all sorts


    By Michaela Somers 06 Apr 2016

    simply block them


    By Joyce Rochester 14 May 2016

    yes it's Religion Tao who works as a debt collector for credit corp services.


    By Harris Carol J. 22 Feb 2016

    i said were not interested and place the telephone down


    By Andi Thatcher 12 Jun 2016



    By Carl Mcleish 24 Jun 2016

    amount called x in minutes span. dint reply numbers i dint know and they didn't leave a MSG. so oh well


    By Belarre Dawson 19 Feb 2016

    got a call. want to understand who called


    By H Marcel 08 Jun 2016

    he refused to tell me his name but desired to speak to Allan. quite impolite.


    By Bong Nguyen 02 May 2016

    does anybody understand who this is

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