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By LEON SHEPPARD 22 Apr 2016

Received a call from this number on my mobile earlier now i did not pickup and named back from a blocked amount and got a message relating to win win claims possible no win no fee...

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    By Patricia Morozin 16 Mar 2016

    yes it's a scam.BR folks outside the UK using amount saying they work for BTU it department.BR BR really strong Asian accent caller said they are inside London work for BTU and my computer were sending them error messages.BR the second line was don't call any other tech or dint use anti virus because no one can detect this trouble only us from British tel econ only us could have access to this very confidential info and we run all the internet within the whole UK it's not your net supplier it's BTU who can fight against hankers and criminals.BR BR they said the IPA number ... was sending error messages because hackers are using our computers to robber banks and organizations with my computer. i recorded all the dialog because it sound enjoy a scam from the minute the caller said hello.... the caller said the internet is hacked and there is no virus you may quit hackers so they need to show to you how you could from your computer see the hackers inside action.BR so the caller first inquire to Google to a .w.after that he said to kind any type of email address or anything you desire. if you kind your email address their will show or mistake messages which the caller use it to say oh... you got a problem after that the caller inquire to type they inquire the individual to download a software which may get the accessibility to your computer after that they say you got a hacker slowing down your computer. team viewer is the website they inquire you to download the trial software and them pass them the code to give them blink of an eye accessibility to your computer.BR i did not download the applications i know around how it works so i said no.... i dint desire to download it... wow... the caller were not joyful saying that i could trust him like he was my son because it is like my son i may image this is what he say to elderly individuals when they call them within this scam so i said what does he want... he keep saying that BTU will disconnected my web tomorrow morning because of this error messages coming from my IPA address.... so i said Fine give me your phone amount so he gave me and said it's my issue it will be quite very priced i will lose my computer eternally if i dint download team viewer...... because he will reveal me inside front of my eyes how hackers are attacking my system... i said well i will not download this software. the caller was not happy so he said his supervisor wants to talk to me. the supervisor said he is the supervisor of the it team for BTU in London... his name is Eric but the manager realized i was taking the piss and i would not purchase into anything he said so he told me he would check again the IPA address and call me back inside minutes.BR BR i could comprehend the idea behind this scam is to tell folks who dint understand much about computers that they have been hacked but once folks download team audience this fake BTU callers can have access to the PC and i can imagine they will disconnected the web from their accessibility to the victims computer. after that they will ask for some money to sort the issue outside.BR BR i recorded part of the dialog and i am writing around it here to help other folks.BR i attempt to contact BTU to discuss around it but it is hopeless there is no manner to get to them.BR i am not with BTU so from the beginning of the call i could easily get that was a scam but i dint believe that many individuals will get it. just pass the info and help folks not be a victim of crimes like this.


    By Charlotte Snave 18 Apr 2016

    called by some patter around auto accident said i must have suffered actually poor amnesia as i couldn't remember anything about it they hung up scam


    By Seun Ajayi 08 Jun 2016

    all they said was bye


    By philip buckley 03 Jun 2016

    he loo


    By Cassandra Ernst 25 Mar 2016

    annoying calls from this number no MSG left concerned this is a scam as the frequency and time of calls is inappropriate.


    By Paul Suydam 01 May 2016

    i answer they hang upwards.


    By Jeff Garrigan 24 Jun 2016

    exactly why are upset me


    By Erik Klinger 14 May 2016

    i need to understand around this no


    By Brighton Solomon 16 May 2016

    claimed to be Google they want cash.


    By Mary Lou Totleben 26 Jun 2016

    when i replied the phone the caller immediately said goodbye BR tried to would and return the call but the number comes up as does not exist.

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