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By Ginny Messinio 18 Jun 2016

This is a business who claims they have some claims info about an accident you had.. they are a scam. note got this and several other scam calls after testing a game show on IT.

By Melissa Leroy 02 Feb 2016

Do not become involved with this caller as another attempt to to scam individuals in to providing computer access with end result that you will be robbed.

By Matthew Fritch 16 Jan 2016

This number keeps calling. i never response and they never leave a voice mail

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    By Emmanuel Flowers 08 Apr 2016

    i keep becoming calls from this number no answer and no message.


    By M Mcnicholas 28 Jan 2016

    who calls from this number and what would they want.


    By Chris Linnemeyer 27 Jun 2016

    inside the last tree days i have been called three times from this amount by a much eastern foreign cryptic individual claiming that she is from the Tolstoy specialized section. her aim was to mend the problems with my internet and .BR that's as much as i was prepared to listen to her. i told her that she was attempting to scam me and to cease the harassment. after her her denials i hung upwards.


    By James Gnatek 27 Apr 2016

    same with me everyday i block this number and the next day i get a call with the last few digits changed


    By Semeneh Worku 01 Feb 2016

    BR BR another live contribution solicitation call from community service publishers on benefit of the multiple sclerosis organization of America using one of their many avoid consumer blocking phone numbers. i never contributed to them in the previous and i wouldn't support this charity since the caller introduced himself as calling from ...the community service publishers on behalf of... calling on benefit of means most of any donation would go to the fund raiser not the charity.BR BR following is a transcript of this live fund raising solicitation calibre BR they hello Mr. Gibson me hellebore BR they hello my name is Jeffery Schwartz with community service publishers a paid professional fundraiser to call throughout Pennsylvania to say thank you for your support on behalf of the multiple sclerosis association of the America. now we desire to let you understand Mr. Gibson that because of your thoughtful support the organization is celebrating around years of providing programs and services for the families and victims of ms free of charge. the gear such as wheelchairs walkers shower benches and emotional support basically anything these people need to create their lives simply a small bit more cozy. now Mr. Gibson you may not be conscious of this but this ailment normally strikes with no warning and there is still is no known cause or treat. so the organization is there to to help individuals with ms live more producible and independent lives. its things that we may take for granted enjoy providing for our families or caring for our children that individuals with ms may not be capable to do without this assistance. now Mr. Gibson we've several support amounts to give every everybody the opportunity to help. we begin with the lifeline for lifetime at the gift of hope is forty two and the encouragement for the future is twenty five. keep in head Mr. Gibson that there are around folks diagnosed each year each week with this disorder and the organization needs your continued support to create a difference within the quality of the lives of those with ms so id enjoy to inquire you this time have you've had an exceptional year to measure up to the lifeline for lifetime or the gift of expect hellebore me uh excuse me yes.BR BR they yes which one would work greatest for you Mr. Gibson me uh what were they again BR they to uh lifeline for lifetime at the gift of trust is forty two and the encouragement for the future is twenty five.BR me well uh i believe i may do a small better than that uh would be better.BR BR they sixty dollars me yes.BR BR they Mr. Gibson that ll make a enormous difference. how does your name seem on the credit card or the debit card you re gonna USB me uh let me get it. simply a instant please.BR BR they yes sir.BR me Fine let me merely i located it here.BR BR they alright awesome Mr. Gibson.BR me Fine uh it uses my middle initial. its inside the name Tyson e like easy last name Gibson.BR BR they Fine and what is the correct spelling of your first and last Nebr BR i continue to give fake name tips courtesy of .com BR BR they OK and you are committing to is that correcter me well you understand what this is a worthy charge could i upwards theatre BR they you will upward that yes sir.BR me id like to create it .BR BR they awesome Mr. Gibson awesome. Fine Acceptable. hold on Mr. Gibson my managers gonna hop on the line actual fast to verify this info shell be the one to let you go okra me oh Acceptable.BR BR they god bless Mr. Gibson i appreciate it. thank you so much.BR BR manager low volume hi first and foremost i wanted to thank you for the quite generous commitment is that right BR me uh yes.BR BR they OK and it was on a debit or cred...a debit card is that correct or a credit carder me credit card.BR BR they OK um i heard that it was...how does the name seem on the card I am sorry.BR me i simply gave it to the other gentleman can you need it again BR i carry on to give the same fictitious advice as before including fake credit card advice courtesy of .com i stalled them by pretending to get my glasses to see the tiny numbers on the back of the credit card whose number didn't work when they tried to process OTB BR they ...I am going to attempt it one more time to see if it works I'm not fully sure um but what we may have to would is go forward and send it to you by email cause its not working at all or if you would have another card handy we may use that one...BR BR of course my second card was having similar problems Lola wasting more of their timber BR they ...Acceptable well no sir its not working at all may our system may merely not be working I'm so sorry for the inconvenience uh but what i could would is i will uh go forward and send it to you through the mail uh so we can go ahead and get that sent out for you so you could send it back or we may attempt to get back to you tomorrow and see if the systems working but if you want to avert a second call we could definitely get it sent to you by email.BR me so do you know you going to do send a pledge former BR they yes sir well send you the pledge form it will already have your account amount and everything on it...BR me and ill enclose a checker BR they yes sir you could enclose a assess or cash order...BR BR more wasted time as she put down my erroneous road addressable BR they thank you so much for your continued support and I am so sorry for the inconvenience uh you have a amazing year okra me Fine thank you.BR BR they thank you bye bye.BR BR thanks to Google express a .Google.comics you may hear this recorded call on my spam calls web pageboy BR a .neaten..hombre BR hint upward for your own free Google voice account at a .Google.positive avert telephone call spam


    By Asffw Gfwegfwef 24 Jun 2016

    who is this please


    By Estrella Asensio 21 Jun 2016

    i have been receiving numerous calls from this amount and additionally . have no thought of the ownership of this number. the place code is listed as unassigned.


    By Shakira Rsheed 08 Jul 2016

    searches like EEO like giving my number away for advertising goal. must getting popular with the range of wastrel marketeers thanks EEO never inquire to be harangued.


    By Alain Chu 09 Jun 2016

    who owns this number


    By Laura Fanti 06 Jul 2016

    it was kid maintenance

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