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By Deb Byfuglin 05 Mar 2016

I had the precise same matter only now but he first said citizens guidance first. i hate these scams and dodgy calls block them if on a mobile

By Mark Sirianni 30 Jan 2016

I wish the yd cease ringing me whoever the hell it's

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    By kelvyn liew 04 Mar 2016

    this amount rang me there now . am didn't reply but simply putting it outside there


    By Fsdfs Jhlkjhlkh 30 Mar 2016

    they phoned me on Easter Sunday. i didn't response the telephone i would have lost my temper with them


    By Travis Wengreen 27 May 2016

    called this morning.


    By Olenda Louvierre 09 Jul 2016

    when i inquired them where they got my details from they said the rat data department road traffic something and of class they hung upwards when i inquired for further information. she sounded like she was reading from a badly worded script.


    By Suzann Helm 28 Feb 2016

    needed to understand who owns this number.


    By Theodis Rhone 03 May 2016

    its my email .com


    By Janice Alderman 22 May 2016

    we've been named times today from this number and if we decide upward no one responses. why would they do this what can they get from calling. i am going to disconnect the telephone if this continues or call the police but they wont would anything.


    By Lexandi Hubbard 23 Feb 2016

    windows scummier that went direct into his script before i had finished answering so got my Swedish chef voice the Asian man afterward got crudely insulting i simply left him going while i put the telephone on the sofa and held the line open after he dropped the call.


    By Joce Decorte 03 Jun 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Keilund Cowan 20 May 2016

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