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By Deandrea Ferraresi 06 Jun 2016


By Tasha Lance 05 Apr 2016

Phone call

By Eric Fillion 13 Feb 2016

Please let me know from which nation pt is calling

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    By Roark Jones 01 Jun 2016

    i merely had same amount of money offered gave me a choice of banks to send the cheque from. callers name maria Adar Australian national government reclaim section they had merely done a demographic survey of my area and found they owed me the cash. i could not follow the logic and kept asking questions on a awful line. she needed my age to check my identity and told me my name and address. i inquired what age they had for me but she refused to tell me. went through her script again while i go ogled and found outside it was a scam. as i inquired more questions she rang off reported to scam watch but she never inquired me for money only offered to send cheque having read all the comments i now know what the scam was thanks guys


    By Kev Nisan 02 Jul 2016

    named from this amount from whom it was


    By John Gallo 09 Jul 2016

    I'm pretty sure it's from Halifax. i got a voice mail message about hours after receiving a text message about the balance transfer. rang the number provided inside the express message and it was seemed to be a authentic Halifax employee that says my amount must have been stored as someone Elise's a person WHO's account is really with Halifax.


    By Lauren Hutnick 14 May 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this phone number


    By Rosemary Frascella 16 Jun 2016



    By Matthew Melkin 10 Mar 2016



    By Gregory Intoccia 06 May 2016

    Michael Luvs curry


    By Emerson Thomas Iii 08 Jul 2016

    i have got same call from DJ Mithra dell hi court for pending bills of my Tatar indigo number closed connection for yr. Pl fronds locate a way to penalize them.


    By Troylene Nez 28 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Avionne Sloan 08 Jul 2016


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