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By william stine 05 Jul 2016

Who is the owner

By Belinda Jenkins 01 Jul 2016

Clearly fictitious . i never response a number i do not recognize. any caller whom i do not recognize is free to leave a message. if they dint times outside of they're scampers of some sort. even if somehow they're valid i do not attention to would company with anyone overly considerably inside a run that they cant leave a message. obviously my company is not that important to them and they're looking for gullible kinds to would their company with. BR BR my two cents.

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    By Eddie Porche 15 Jun 2016

    simply got a missed call from this number.


    By Ray Gougler 16 Apr 2016

    whose no is this


    By Mispah Moultrie 20 Jun 2016



    By Kenneth Badder 01 Jun 2016

    i keep becoming a phone call about this amount starting to annoyed me cos did not left message on my mobile will were this amount from and what's this number all about


    By Kathryn Kincaid 25 Jun 2016

    i have been in France since the end of august. i hadn't switched on my UK cellular telephone telephone for a while but decided to last night Monday Th DEC. . it was pm french time around pm UK time when the telephone rang. it was the amount from Brighton . i decided it up but could not recognize the dial ling code until afterwards when i assessed it on the web.BR BR the guy asked if he could speak to Mr. a. x IE he didn't ask to speak to the forename. i told him it was me and he subsequently asked to confirm my address and post code. i inquired him why i should give him my details when it was him who rang and he explained it was for security purposes. i afterward inquired what it was inside connection with to which he replied he was ringing from Loyd's tbs with whom i can have an account involving the Brighton group centre whatever this may be. i did assume it to be a purchase or something and i did tell him i am in France and ha vent used my UK bank card to buy anything. he did appear keen and inquired again but i told him it was strange how he was ringing me up for my details i afterward pointed outside how it was quite unexpected for him to ring at pm since when did anyone from a bank not even inside India would you get a call at that time work that late i refused to give it to him and inside an attempt at sounding authentic he nearly had me fooled he said really well afterward sir if you are going to be enjoy that I'm fearful I'm going to have to end this call and i advise you to assess your statements. i wished him great chance and hung up.BR BR judging by what i have read on here it really is a scam. i have rang the number a few times in an attempt for them to ring back which they would can if they were real and a few moments past i rang and it went into an automated message which said something enjoy i had rang on benefit of Loyd's tbs would i even work for them and they would try to call me back after.BR BR dint fall for it or if you are interested follow it through with totally bogus details


    By Christina Dicresce 10 Apr 2016

    this is a scam. don't reply it or call it back under any circumstances as you may be charged for an international call at around . give or take . these are computer generated calls that ring mi lions of numbers and for specific if you call back you get charged for the call i think . to connect and approx . per minute. I am not sure about if you answer but wouldn't to be safe. never reply unknown numbers.


    By Sereathia Cincore 03 Jun 2016

    had the same unpleasant experience with these vile people. currently it litigation with them. we will obviously win but the whole affair will price nearly inside legal fees. really expensive chilly call. avoid these people they thieves that use a loophole within the law.


    By Alexis Piliere 31 Mar 2016

    bailiff threats


    By DENNIS SPARKS 07 Jun 2016

    named and hung upwards with no message.


    By Greg Redeker 13 Jul 2016

    keep calling

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