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By David Romito 08 Jun 2016

Calls at least every other day.

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    By Karen Janachovsky 20 May 2016

    you do recognize that posting defamatory statements online is an action for which you will be sidebar BR linking a year old pedophile from Cheshire who was imprisoned last November with a year old reputable accountant that's now working in stoke isn't helpful to the folks using this forum.


    By jesse shields 01 Jul 2016

    I am getting calls from this amount.


    By Morris Milburn 11 Mar 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. no message left.


    By Mariano Noesi 07 Jul 2016

    who is this amount.


    By Eric l Bunyon 14 Mar 2016

    sombre due admiration that i receiving calls from unknown no which is ..........i dint know who is calling me but actually want to know who is calling and he she is calibre thanks for your time your aspect BR remarking


    By Eddie Denton 16 Mar 2016

    just curious to understand who it's


    By Bethany Weaver-culpepper 19 May 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By Desiree Babbitt 09 May 2016

    i received calls on my mobile from this number between November and other calls between October November which i believe to have been from this amount but where the number has been spoofed so does not show up i believe these calls were from this number due to their pattern frequency calls received at same time one instantaneously after the other or within a minute of each other. i have now yesterday received a second quiet express email from this number call not picked upwards on my phones calls log but picked upward by my visual visualized calls facility. i subsequently subsequently received more calls yesterday at and hrs which my phones calls log showed were purportedly from different regions of the UK but which my visual visualized call facility showed the calling amount to be . i have had to permanently empower my phones don't bother facility to avert being disturbed by these calls. this amount may be linked to i additionally have received and continue to receive numerous calls from this number of an indistinguishable this amount additionally very often spoofs so it appears the calls are from distinct areas of the UK. my mobile is ex directory and taps registered.


    By Richard Kiehl 08 Jul 2016

    additionally a Pepsi scam RCA SA final notice your amount has won r within the RCA Pepsi promotion . reference no p call the SA claims centre for claims on


    By L Mcchesney 25 Apr 2016

    merely got a call from this number and when i decided up they said they were from videophone i hung upwards right away and then they called back so i told them to take name away the list and now they still are calling me

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