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By Stacey Ortengren 22 Jun 2016

They've named me twice within Min's away two distinct numbers leave me alone if i dint response I'm active...

By Beryl Kaplan 18 May 2016

Merely got a missed call from this number.

By Cynthia Matiasic 25 Jan 2016

Taps is not a call blocking service. it is a voluntary code signed upward to by reputable UK based companies who guarantee not to call folks who are registered. if you get a call from a UK based business subsequently you need to report it to taps because ifs you dint they dint understand you are getting calls.

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    By Lamesha Lesueur 15 Jun 2016

    guy gets numbers from online dating subsequently calls you for a date


    By Dee Bultje 02 May 2016



    By Kelly Mogren 16 Apr 2016

    bank racket debit collector Gina Nam Jamal.


    By Melanie Mcpike 26 Feb 2016

    according to of com records that batch of numbers has not been released for use so blocking if you will can that on your telephone will can the trick. what's for sure is that it is a scam call with a spoofed number. i suppose the security services have more on their head than nuisance callers.


    By Cathy Earls 13 Apr 2016

    calls me and says i have undue bills from their company.


    By Christina Zwirko 05 May 2016

    merely got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Jere Scola 12 May 2016

    its a scam claiming to be with IRS...... when i wouldn't give him any of my advice and told him well you guys could email me a letter he named me a motherfucker and said oh you wanna fuck with me i will blow you up. ... Lao i continue to call him and fuck with him now... Lola


    By Patty Hundley 03 May 2016



    By Coyia Wiersma 23 Jan 2016

    calling repeatedly


    By Aretha Montgomery 14 Jun 2016

    a express email was left from someone with a heavy Indian accent challenging to understand saying he was calling from someone name Cruz's office about charges being filed. call before i get arrested......

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