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By Stacey Ortengren 22 Jun 2016

They've named me twice within Min's away two distinct numbers leave me alone if i dint response I'm active...

By Beryl Kaplan 18 May 2016

Merely got a missed call from this number.

By Cynthia Matiasic 25 Jan 2016

Taps is not a call blocking service. it is a voluntary code signed upward to by reputable UK based companies who guarantee not to call folks who are registered. if you get a call from a UK based business subsequently you need to report it to taps because ifs you dint they dint understand you are getting calls.

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    By lrgrossman aol.com Lisa 23 Jun 2016

    rang several times without leaving a message. eventually realized it was Alford royal HS trite carrying outside a patient survey.


    By Roger Hwang 06 May 2016

    solar panel installation estimate. they replied to my online query to save money by installing solar panels. they have told me that i could have all installation funded by UK government as a part of some UK green environment activity. but after it showed upwards that it is a poorly organized scam to get cash of you and you would have to pay all setup and further costs by your self. my honest guidance do not waste your time by listening to these people. BR thanks


    By David Culliver 01 Apr 2016



    By Gregory Petrosky 23 May 2016

    yes its chatline service you are basically ringing for a filthy chat although threes no reason for them to ring you cos they advertise and people men ring for a flirty chat with an operator women. trust this helps x


    By Brandon Leathern 24 Jun 2016

    i had a call from the amount yesterday it said they were from BTU and had seen my company advert in the local free paper and wondered if they could come round to ask me about whether i wanted to be in the new phone book. so i arranged an appointment.BR BR i am getting funny though because the man on the phone asked me to furnish my address and this is what's disturbing me because BTU should surely be competent to identify the address from the telephone amount. additionally they didn't confirm that they were from BTU until i had confirmed who i was and that doesn't appear right to me.


    By Tara Kreie 23 May 2016

    BR missed call.BR is a known call centre pare code within Ripley. last one was deafness claims no idea about this one.


    By Florent Kalala 20 Jun 2016

    virgin wines. same as AK above quite helpful.


    By Juan Pablo Diaz Lobos 09 Jun 2016

    rang now asking for the owner of the amount. i asked which one the Indian chap on the other end ignored the question and began on about reducing my charges for calls made etc....he never said who he was with either.


    By Louise Mermer 11 Jun 2016

    named about a road traffic accident prank caller


    By Collins Nwosu 22 May 2016

    its a con telling you your computer has a virus

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