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By mahommed naybor 21 Apr 2017

You cant even trust caller id name and number! they might even use your own name and number. tell em your on dontcallist. then block their number

By Brinda Baxter 25 Apr 2016

Sounded Japanese. said he was from windows no mention of Microsoft. was asking me to run something ON computer quite odd.

By Sarah Kincade 20 Apr 2016

Me Cameron DE Ester numeric solemnity saber quine eyesore Que me pedant Adar

By Douglas Dexter 02 Jan 2016

Got a call from this number.

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    By Keurlie Mesidor 15 May 2016

    who is using this number


    By Belinda Perkins 14 Apr 2016



    By Fran Okrei 11 Jul 2016

    i got a call from this number but i have no thought who is from.


    By Denise Montijo 26 Apr 2016

    no there's simply one place code for Leeds and it is just . BR BR the next digits after are the local amount within Leeds the one you will dial without the code locally.BR BR so any amount beginning with is for Leeds not just those starting with and .


    By Connie Kautzman 11 Jul 2016

    sick of this amount calling


    By Lawrence Ryan 17 Jun 2016

    i have not received calls from this amount but am charged for making calls to this amount between times a month for a minimal . minutes and am charged p for each supposed calibre any tips that anyone will give would be very appreciated.


    By Lilibeth Panizales 11 May 2016

    as many others they named claiming to be calling on benefit of a auto dealer i have not been to in years asking if i still drove a vehicle i ha vent had in years that's the point i lost it and told them to away and quit calling as they have named before and got the same reaction from me. i now have a private pal who works for the dealer they claim to signify looking into if they have some business doing these calls legitimately regardless the number is now blocked on my telephone.


    By Victoria Feliciano 01 May 2016

    continuously calls and leaves no message.


    By Debra Lighty 19 Jun 2016

    someone calling me from this number ..........i merely desire to understand who use this number


    By Jac Boutote 17 Mar 2016

    named late at night. first call . on second time pm.

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