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By mahommed naybor 21 Apr 2017

You cant even trust caller id name and number! they might even use your own name and number. tell em your on dontcallist. then block their number

By Brinda Baxter 25 Apr 2016

Sounded Japanese. said he was from windows no mention of Microsoft. was asking me to run something ON computer quite odd.

By Sarah Kincade 20 Apr 2016

Me Cameron DE Ester numeric solemnity saber quine eyesore Que me pedant Adar

By Douglas Dexter 02 Jan 2016

Got a call from this number.

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    By Dolan Dye 06 Feb 2016

    said it was about my computer


    By Joanne Peal 14 Apr 2016

    this amount called said it was around my internet provider. i said i didn't comprehend him he said would you have a computer i said no he said and i quote so you dint have the web awhile and rang off. i assume this is some type of scam but dint understand.



    replied this call was around an injury i had told him nicely never had an accident. he then said you sound fine we may talk all day long where's the best place to report this sleaze to


    By Jeffrey Asilon 12 May 2016

    i got i miss call from this numbers will u pals call me backbit


    By pvanmeter8765 wowway.com Pamela 23 Apr 2016

    who has the number


    By Dorothea j. Loveland 11 May 2016

    the business is a subsidiary of arson's and operate from the same building two of the brothers run the fraudulent national advice practice that was fined for nuisance and unethical practices. but the business is owned and run by arson's solicitors.


    By Lynn Ricker 24 Jun 2016

    i have no idea who this is.


    By Frank Timoni 24 Apr 2016

    about your accident... Indian kind guy although appeared UK ...BR told i am taps and to get a life....


    By Marquette Gross 13 Jan 2016

    keeps calling


    By Hung Thao 19 Jun 2016

    this individual mush have some kind of accessibility to SDI applicants my husband recently applied and got a call at residence today. he didn't recognize the number so he let it go to the machine. individual said something about societal security disability and said they needed more info on his claim. he named his case workers and contacts from the SDI office and nobody had any knowledge of any telephone call. it appears this is a scam striving to get personal advice. a little frightful that they know if you have applied for SDI though.

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