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By Darin Chin 06 Feb 2016


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    By Marcus Mcluckie 07 Jun 2016

    well these cowboys are still at it. BR BR i went to an interview for Amparo today and knew something wasn't right before i stepped foot inside the put. BR same story as everyone else was invited upstairs after a brief wait and after a fast couple of questions thrown at me by some shady young man within a badly ironed suit i was told i was management material. BR BR i have direction experience and knew right away this man was complete of i searched the internet for information regarding the company i found nothing. BR BR afterward i got a call from another occupation i have recently implemented for LCD i could tell straight away that this business was also full of . i searched for their name and that led me here low and behold its all part of the same scam. BR BR i spent the last of my cash on a suit to sit and be played like a dingbat by some snotty nosed child. their is no manner I'm letting this go quietly. BR BR the dude deserves a clout within the face i might go for my second interview tomorrow and deliver it to him.


    By Deja Nicholas 02 Mar 2016

    i dint know who called me.


    By Evelyn w Bloom 09 Jun 2016

    phone calls with no one on line when picked up.


    By Beth Kaneff 04 Jan 2016

    i got a call from this number . might it be from Switzerland


    By greg uhan 20 Mar 2016

    hey would you this number


    By Billie Vanleiden 21 Apr 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Courtney Cousino 05 Jun 2016

    had a message from someone saying do you know my husband mike gibbons as merely deleted a list of woman's numbers hes blocked from his iPad.


    By Alvin Meier 10 Jul 2016

    cold call


    By Sara Colunga 30 Apr 2016

    calls are actually becoming on my nerves no one is ever there


    By Ashley Roye 02 Jul 2016

    i got calls from this number

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