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By Esther Brom 15 May 2016

Yes. cutup Huang draped you la din.

By Deeb Charles 13 May 2016

Got a call. replied and they hung upwards.

By Xiaodan Wang 04 Feb 2016

Merely missed a call from these people. happy i did miss it after reading the above. thanks.

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    By Winfred Northington 24 Apr 2016

    had around of these now and the same yesterday i have a call pub facility but it says this is an invalid number so cant pub it really annoying


    By Jessica Comolli 24 Mar 2016

    Sims spam from more cash in your pocket with a interest loan up to r . save upward to r. call to apply. African bank. terms employ. reply no op tout


    By Pete Capistran 28 Jun 2016

    i received a call from this amount asking for my personal details without any tips as to what this was around egg company until i asked. i will not supply private details without some knowledge of who i am giving them to and why IE re computer..... or product service


    By Law Steven 03 May 2016

    engaged all the time.


    By Matt Stoneburg 27 May 2016

    this phone numb used abused incorrect calls and MSG quit this numb and warn this numb pals i m thank total to u


    By Tyrial Binder 11 May 2016

    repeated calls from this number.


    By PAULA HAYNES 12 Jun 2016

    call from really Indian sounding bloke told me they were injury investigation and needed some details about the accident. when i asked him which accident he replied er...er... so i hung upward.BR BR additionally could the call type list here have an entry for scam or societal engineering


    By DYNASTY MCCLOUD 26 May 2016

    mm mm


    By Hurlbert Connie 16 May 2016

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    By Grant Cramer 16 May 2016

    this amount named me and cut away when i said hello.

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