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By Esther Brom 15 May 2016

Yes. cutup Huang draped you la din.

By Deeb Charles 13 May 2016

Got a call. replied and they hung upwards.

By Xiaodan Wang 04 Feb 2016

Merely missed a call from these people. happy i did miss it after reading the above. thanks.

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    By FELA JOHNSON 08 Apr 2016

    named me today rd may at hrs. said his name was Robert Erickson sounded enjoy an oriental guy but with a Baltic name .BR told me he was with the software windows section but when quizzed about what his real company name was just repeated the same thing. i have worked in it for around years and i understand i dint have any windows software problems so i strung him along for about ten minutes subsequently got bored so finally since he seemed to understand i had a windows software issue i inquired him what variation of windows i was running sadly for him he guessed incorrectly and i terminated the call. this man was almost certainly searching to get access to my PC remotely then hold me to ransom to regain my system back. you have been warned. i have left the call kind to unknown because theft fraud or extortion aren't options.


    By Melanie Montero 12 May 2016

    did not leave any message.


    By Chris Huitt 11 Jul 2016

    have named many times. harassing now. says they're us federal govt. why cant my govt cease this


    By Laverne Wiseman 06 May 2016

    missed the call


    By Justin Detweiler 23 Jun 2016

    a Natasha Watson has called me again she formerly named on a slightly different number i have already inquired them to remove me from the list. do i cease these folks hassling me block all numbers starting with its a scam.


    By Zach Romig 03 Jun 2016

    i got a miscalled from the same number just now


    By Earl Demastes 04 Apr 2016

    no response.


    By Alan Heddings 16 May 2016

    i got the call from this same number


    By Edward Pollasch 07 Apr 2016

    missed call


    By Donald Zizzo 06 Jun 2016

    starting this year they would call me every weekend now the previous month it looks like times a week. ill never decide up for any number i dint recognize. if its significant they ll leave a message.

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