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By Karen Hinze 14 Jul 2016

Received phone call. did not answer.

By Kelli m Wesolowski 26 Feb 2016

Cambridge communications limited a call centre calling to ask around my automatic enrollment into a workplace pension.

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    By Reg Garrett 08 Jun 2016

    who r u


    By Steven Reaume 26 Mar 2016

    they say they were from spark energy but its a load of BS all they try to can is get some personal info from you and talking around placing up a direct debit with us to save more money on my energy bill subsequently my present provider if you get a call from these folks dint give them anything but i can suggest things ask to be taken away there call list ask your phone supplier to block the amount or what i did a bit is waste their time by giving them alto of fake info and see how they like it.


    By Dallas Dyer 28 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By Amber Repp 20 Jan 2016

    i am an ex employee who was exploited for slave labour. BR BR were do i begin was told on objective earnings k was blessed if i was paid per week inquired exactly why i wasn't becoming taxed apparently i was self employed but however wasn't told. BR BR my job was to canvass company out of the yellowish pages for the sales reps to go and visit there job was subsequently to exert as much money as potential outside of them a lot of the time we we was told to take any kind of debt on even if business had liquidated. BR BR this set was sheer hell the phone would not quit ringing with clients wanting to know why they had been ripped away. they would laugh at them and trust they would get feud up of ringing. BR BR the business is ran by a Paul Keenan his dad is a director as he has a criminal record. i was told by staff within there that he has also within hiding from his preceding business platinum legal solutions ltd. it appears from what i am told he ran with a lot of peoples cash. BR BR the staff who work for him find him a obligation and cant say i spoke to anyone who had good to say around him within there. however i wouldn't trust any of them from top to bottom. BR BR you actually will sorrow it if you fall into the snare of using mercantile legal and fiscal solutions ltd


    By Jeni Hudson 17 May 2016

    recorded message simply said goodbye.


    By Katrina Ludvigsen 25 May 2016



    By Alicia Prondzinski 19 Jun 2016

    got a message of these now saying someones try ed to transfer and if it was me text bk y if not call on the amount above and have card detail at hand seemingly from Barclay's


    By Mamadee Keita 14 Jun 2016

    continuously calls and leaves no message.


    By dallas beller 10 May 2016

    times this amount called me and times i rejected call persistent will call back at .hrs lets trust they decide up


    By Shyree Smith 15 Mar 2016

    I'm becoming calls from this amount what's it

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