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By Angela Bovee 29 May 2016

I missed a call from this number.

By Myiasha Taylor 30 Mar 2016

Went online for a bike insurance estimate at Carole Nash especially ticked the no advertising boxes including the no telephone calls one. less than an hour later they begin calling me unacceptable and unprofessional. will report to my network supplier as a spam caller. added amount to blow off list on telephone. PS they aren't even economical on the insurance look elsewhere around quid cheaper.

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    By Shilley Owens 11 Jun 2016

    missed this call but no reply when i rang back


    By Rose Graf 07 May 2016



    By Dora Belle 13 Apr 2016



    By Chad Prawitz 09 Feb 2016

    i had been charged by amazon prime. i phoned them and said i had not joined any membership for next day delivery service and they asked me name and address. they had my maiden name and old address where i probably ordered something a few years back.quite confused as to why this was done but when i requested they refunded the money strangely enough. even more confused................


    By thomas ferrell 06 Feb 2016

    this isn't spam it is interlink express letting you know when they will be delivering a parcel BR BR if you receive this text and are not expecting a delivery afterward it is an blunder IE sent to the incorrect amount.BR BR i am expecting a parcel and was therefore glad for this text BR BR BR regards


    By Bryanna Dennison 30 May 2016

    wants to sell you a Disney excursion. scam alert


    By Ashlee Ehrmantraut 09 May 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller left no express message.


    By OSCAR GILL 07 Jul 2016

    who the hell is he calling on my number and how does he understand my name and my friends amount and said that this is the call from London embassy and your number is suspected and being tracked wt should i report it to police


    By Vanessa Maness 30 Mar 2016

    the never ending annoyance of the lower your credit card interest rates phony telemarketing calls continues with repeated use of a spoofed amount or burner phone. this amount is already component of the list of . does not comprise those from MD ca AL TX mi amp or.


    By Carl Ambroise 07 Jul 2016

    this is a total scam please be conscious dint give no money or bank details BR

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