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By EB 02 May 2017

I got 2 calls with voicemail from this 3212345601 number. The first message was a little child saying he was telling on me, the next was a sex sounding woman who said she got my number from me at the bar

By Michelle Andresen 11 Jun 2016

Simply got a call from this number didn't recognize it and go ogled it while it was ringing. happy i didn't reply it. another one for the blocked list

By Bryan Vartti 10 Jun 2016

Why were you not allowed what has age to do with paying for a funeral plan or could it be because inside years when the price is higher they will create more commission

By Jarrod Finn 23 Apr 2016

Sales call.

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    By Molly Wehr 25 Mar 2016

    i get calls from this number and when i call back it simply beeps but now i eventually answered it and it was some man saying hes from windows around my computer and subsequently started cussing me outside and i hung Io and then he called back from someone Elise's cell amount and i finally called it back and got the lady that the number belongs to and told her the story.


    By E Crisp 19 Jun 2016

    received a call.


    By Margarito Zamora 01 Jun 2016

    got a phone call from this amount. the caller left no express message.


    By Dana Lausterer 03 Apr 2016

    alternative number


    By Jeffrey Ulman 07 Feb 2016

    debt collectors hang upwards when you reply then leave automated voice email asking for some geezer to ring them back not me clearly they have been sold duff information and ha vent the b...s to talk inside man menace this company uses lots of different numbers should be put out of company menace.


    By Julie Puletti 28 Mar 2016



    By Amy Howse 12 May 2016

    tried calling back was told that extension is unavailable and their mail carton is full to leave a message


    By Phillip Ingarm 24 Feb 2016

    no messages


    By Kim Comden 08 Jun 2016

    hung upwards when i answered. who is it calling from Germany when i am in Australia


    By Brittany Freels 22 Jun 2016

    just had a call from this amount on my cellular telephone and i didn't response but was instantaneously charged on my pay and go account when it went to missed calls

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