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By David Tonelli 07 May 2016

Received three messages with secret code numbers allegedly from nab which i ignored.

By August Kertnar 03 Mar 2016

Called me on my mobile number. did not leave a message.

By Monica Sperier 26 Jan 2016

I m additionally get call from this amount who is

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    By Diane Merrifield 21 Feb 2016

    this is prosper nutria.......you must report it to FTC........BBB gives them a rating of f.......they will not stop....i even screamed and used a few cuss words dint even cuss.......there may be a class activity if the FTC gets enough reports. you could call or email from the website. the cs is in Tampa Fla and their is ...if they get enough backlash due to their call middle harassing you...they just may can something about it. dint sit back and take it.


    By Sue ann Schneck 12 Mar 2016

    you dint say whether or not you are or were with videophone but the call will not be from them. its someone trying to harvest your private details. if they call again please dint give them any info at all not even your name.BR BR turn it back on them by asking what their name is what their address is how they got your amount etc. they likely will throw the information protection bit back on you and or that they bought a database with your details on. so you simply say that for security reasons you cant tell them anything. if you did do have an account with videophone afterward you could egg say if you actually are from videophone you'd understand all this so I'm not prepared to continue this dialogue unless i talk to your supervisor. this generally does the trick.BR BR if i get this type of call from a UK number i begin by asking how they got my amount always by buying within database listings and i then politely inquire that my details are removed from their database. within of cases this is equally politely acknowledged. i even had one wonderful chap give me his full name his firms name and their geographical amount within case i should ever get a call from their firm again. so there are nice individuals outside there.BR BR some might counsel you to only place the phone down on these callers and consider me i do know how annoying they will be but in my own expertise this sadly only means more calls later on.BR BR just remember please never give your real details to anyone like this. good chance.


    By Keiwanna Robinson 11 Mar 2016

    i must acknowledge my buddy gave me their number since they claimed back about from a loan so they seem good.BR BR they're loads of companies outside there doing the same thing...you simply have to look in newspaper to see that they are usually very successful at winning back your poi. they all charge about about for every you get back .BR BR lets trust i get my cash back from my credit card company


    By Christan Westfall 19 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Blake Rubino 22 Feb 2016

    ho la


    By Connie Yopp 23 Mar 2016

    queasier saber Si pertinence a Ina empress o es Teflon public


    By Andrew Krzeminski 07 Jun 2016

    not a actual amount. rd time inside as many months that they've called. no messages and calling them back you get hat the amount isn't within service. blocked. i located an program called should i response works quite well


    By Whitney Madron 29 May 2016

    merely received a call from . having answered the call the line was quiet for near seconds before the other party hung up.


    By Jennifer Remhardt 05 Mar 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this number


    By Anthony t Guess 29 May 2016

    they just named me. did not leave any express message.

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