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By Deborah Sturgis 27 May 2016

Am curious who this is as when i answered nobody spoke

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    By Courtney Dinin 28 Jun 2016

    i have received many time miss call from this number call back but he don't receive


    By ANNA HUDSON 05 Apr 2016

    keeps calling never answers when pick upwards phone. constantly calls after pm on the property line. please create them stop.


    By Jean Heaggans 25 Apr 2016

    missed call


    By Dylan Da Cruz 07 Feb 2016

    these individuals call themselves the energy care team they do nothing but harass you all day long. they take no notice of you when you ask them not to call your number again. it's harassment.BR report them to which nuisance calls and texts they could be fined


    By Jill Pries 04 Jul 2016

    Cambridge communications. frequent visitors to the forum.


    By Jean Hess 21 Feb 2016

    this is a call around led light. constantly harassed by the number and yes when you call back it says the amount is disconnected.


    By Erik Hartz 03 Jul 2016

    no express message


    By Ashish Trehan 23 Apr 2016

    telemarketing chilly calling should be banned. you could ensure that they will call at the inopportune moment. they never take no for an response. i used to be fairly a placid man until i started receiving these sorts of calls. who within their right mind is going to begin giving private details to a complete stranger over the telephone i cant comprehend how these callers have allowed themselves to be brainwashed in presuming that they're providing the community with a valuable service. they are creating nothing but misery. i need to go and jump off a bridge now so long everybody


    By Lisa Biank 13 Jul 2016



    By Skylar Mc Alexander 11 Feb 2016

    named and left no voice message.

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