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By Robert Moat 08 May 2016

Ni shape

By Meg Farmer 31 Jan 2016

Favor DE Lamar Si es urgent

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    By Andrea Depaolo 19 Jun 2016

    watch outside for this amount those people call you claiming you have won a prize from Dubai expo and they inquire you to purchase recharging Du cards.....those people are probably located within India using illusion untraceable number....and they additionally have Arabic speaking man to make it look as though they're authentic.....


    By Gunnar Chambers 15 Jan 2016

    same as the rest of the posts he called today refused to give his website telephone number name of his supervisor etc i place the telephone down


    By Lisa Cesare 10 May 2016

    called my cell phone and hung up when i answered.


    By Debra Dybevik 30 Jan 2016

    range me simply once didn't even get to reply. likely checking account the line is active...


    By Mel Miles 10 Jul 2016

    found the amount on my caller id.


    By Kristen Hiers 25 Jun 2016

    named me on cellular telephone or what sup


    By Shawanda Montana 16 May 2016

    who are you


    By Jean Cline 22 Apr 2016

    poi Bacall with the same Englishwoman's express leaving a message i have received this same call from different nos for at least a bearer BR i always report them to icon but they clearly ha vent stopped this one


    By Monyca Doak 26 Apr 2016

    i just got a call from this amount to my cell telephone.


    By Kristy Labeau-huey 22 Mar 2016

    just had a call from this lot. i have now been receiving or more calls a day for the last month from one personal injury promise business or another. used to put down the telephone i now inquire them a string of questions and they now place the telephone down on me. lg ml seemingly is based inside Manchester have no web website and the caller didn't know their address i inquired what lg ml stands for man caller didn't know. i inquired that they take me away there list but have registered for the taps several times load of use that's

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