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By Ashley Mcmahon 20 Jun 2016

Unknown caller

By Catherine Weiler 21 Feb 2016

Merely got a call

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    By David T.M.Rice 04 Mar 2016

    trying to find out who calls from this amount.


    By Maya Delay 30 May 2016



    By Brandon Cyprien 02 Jan 2016

    i would like them to quit ringing me i dint understand who they are and there ringing me


    By Javed Raja 05 May 2016

    this amount keeps calling so i assessed and it's the business I've listed. i never answer it


    By Melinda Rasnic 24 Apr 2016

    pushy Indian sounding batch who gave me approach around hanging upward on her the first two times why because she claimed to have named before but didn't understand who despite asking for the owner didn't say who they were who they wanted who they were calling on benefit of and what it was about. all that in conjunction with an unsolicited call and an Indian accent bugger off


    By Abraham Ojeda 13 May 2016

    who is using this number


    By Cloe Smith 08 Jun 2016

    i would like to understand who calls me


    By Shaye Mayhem 06 Jul 2016

    i have a email pub code Rb i didn't received it till now BR pals reply me throe my email .com


    By Carla Marzi 21 Mar 2016

    got a call yesterday.


    By Tracy Sanborn 06 Apr 2016

    apparently john Prescott and Gordon brown are interested in solar energy but after a minute sales pitch they wanted to appear within a govt magazine BR they take no for an response BR merely hang up

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