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By Cody Tofte 25 Jun 2016

Chicory BR Han rebid lambadas DE EST's numerous o y y BR lawman y Dean mensches vicious Master Si insistence es demised regalement molester he busked Laos numerous en La's GUI's DE Clara y moister Del Peru Ace no SE encountering.BR Como es es to possible es Que hay Otto operator DE phone FICA accessory BR dined me pied quark en nation DE EST's phantasms Del telephone

By Michael Digiustino 19 Jun 2016

Complete silence for several minutes

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    By Dwight Berreman 23 Jun 2016

    this is simply wanton insurance on Eldon street. its excellent


    By Robert Lindenbusch 07 May 2016



    By Justin Huddlestun 24 Apr 2016

    they named my mobile phone.


    By Tania Thomas 29 Apr 2016

    i dint reply this one. if they call once they call several times that day.BR the few times i have replied they only hang up. BR BR hey its their money


    By Lucille Fedeli 24 Apr 2016

    political prank call. reported to authorities as such calls aren't allowed in USA i work for an attorney general


    By Bob Strapp 20 Mar 2016

    answered now and didn't get hung up on for a changer i inquired how they got my amount and was told they r inside venture with Emma's drab they said they have been trying to call several times and before he could say anything else i said yes the ones that keep hanging upwards when replied so ill can the same to you and hung up the fine ha vent had anymore calls since


    By Mallary Maclay 24 Feb 2016

    second call from this amount. didn't answer inside time. not sure who it is.


    By Francind Rosetti 12 Jul 2016

    this is a scam linked to the one for number and many others.BR BR a .com phone number..com phone number.aspics BR you get an email through where someone claims to be wanting a estimate from your business it looks perfectly legitimate the grammar and spelling are great and the goal appears to be to get you charged for making the call back at a premium speed. the giveaway for me was that the email address didn't match the purported business name and I have been near for long enough to remember GM as an old school USP. text of the email we received BR BR BR Huber BR I'm becoming inside touch as a member of our business had requested a call from you a little while past.BR BR we are looking to get some costs if we may joy BR would someone be capable to give me a call on BR BR i am inside and outside of the office now so it possibly a case of trying to find me when free or leave a vim.BR BR regards BR Amanda bowing email Amanda.boinks.comber cellular telephone


    By Catherine Feuerstack 28 May 2016

    local traders


    By Jack Wayerski 06 May 2016


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