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By Nesa Paitan 06 Jun 2016

A ore recorded message to listen carefully

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    By Cynthia Vanderlinden 17 Apr 2016

    exhibit says from Leeds. asks if i would like compensation for an accident money back from a vacation I have had. not had either happen to me. number blocked.


    By Michele Person 22 Feb 2016

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    By Karisha Friley 22 Jun 2016

    canvassing for business


    By Randy Semanhyia 19 Mar 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this number.


    By Bernadine Scavelli 15 Apr 2016

    unknown caller offering flight delay compensation guidance. sent cease response then send further message.


    By Joy Soria 02 Jul 2016

    i answered and they asked questions around someone i did not understand so i inquired who they were.


    By Dennis Drewa 20 Jun 2016

    received miss call from this number please help to identify the amount.


    By John Ary 29 Jun 2016

    i wonder who is calling to me wish to know can anyone help Nebr thanks fife


    By Cheick Ouattara 12 Mar 2016

    called to invite me to a business networking event


    By tadd irvin 19 May 2016

    need to know who called

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