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By Robert Walen 08 Mar 2016

Heel lo

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    By Patricia Coleman 22 Mar 2016

    text message saying call me urgent


    By Christie Louis 27 May 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Haskin Garland 20 Mar 2016

    they re phi sing scampers. dint entertain. I have been dumb to fall for their patter. said my computer is slow because i have so many rubbish inside it. they offered to clean it and sold me an anti virus protection for years for instead of because I'm a pensioner. they said the yd already installed the applications within my computer which icons i have on my desktop display namely cube support cc leaner and commode anti virus. can you believe they've infected my computer already how do i get rid of those please help as I'm only a novice on this and as i said a pensioner and the computer is my only company when i get housebound due to chemotherapy treatments for cancer. thanks.


    By Victor Borrego 26 Mar 2016

    time waster talking about you already have a policy


    By Kaydee Doyle 09 Jul 2016

    who called id enjoy to have my amount deleted from their list.


    By Pamela Kinsinger 26 May 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my response.


    By DIEGO PEREZ 04 Jul 2016

    live individual calls at odd hours some lady talking to her family around the Wii system. call back to get recorded message for some service i dint need. they wont stop calling.


    By Gabriella Vitelli 13 Feb 2016

    i received a call from this number today. they left a express message which i could barely create out due to the low tone and speed of his express. they mentioned something about setting upward my account as i had requested i did not and they left me a amount to call if i desired to inquire for more advice. of class the amount was UN obtainable. has anybody any ideas as to what i should can next.


    By Jack Waina 07 Jul 2016

    I have had this amount keep calling me.. as i was entered into a prize draw up to . they have also said i have won a free carpeting clean .. no payment .. is this same as you absolutely they desire to sell you some thin . no thin is for free these days


    By Shmaya Finn 17 Jan 2016

    this is a new one to me had several calls never replied them its on my blocker now so dint waste your time infant

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