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By Jim Curley 13 Apr 2016

This amount has named me several times inside the last weeks. Indian type accents telling me my computer has told them that it has been infected by malicious applications. i was told to go to my PC and change it on. i told them to get lost.

By Don Ryman 16 Mar 2016

Calls in the middle of the nighttime almost every day selling fiscal trading expertise. never the same person. i have denied wanting tips and to please delete my name from database but they persist. i am aged lady and being woken at am etc is stressful. i have phoned the number but cannot catch the name of the company to ask them to desist. the harassment continues..many months now.

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    By Lakeasha Litle 11 Mar 2016

    got a call from this number. no express message left.


    By Brian Wilbourn 12 Mar 2016

    yes future publishing and i used to subscribe to a few PC mags.


    By jamie diggs 06 Jul 2016

    i want who is the owner of this numb name fathers name and complete ad res Pl tell me


    By Frederick Hesse 26 May 2016

    rang and afterward hung upwards. no MSG. rang back and it hung up


    By Enolar Acallands 02 Feb 2016

    a quite elaborate scam around a span of about ten days. a guy named at the door and told my husband that our neighbour had a difficulty with damp in her attic. we live within a semi detached house. my husband say that he probably gave our surname and very perhaps our phone number. even if he didn't give the number we're listed inside the BTU directory. we then began to get telephone calls from the number showing above which i ignored. the telephone would go to answer telephone but no message was made. two days ago a man came to the door and again said that our neighbour had damp within the loft and why did i not response the phone he said that head office would ring me shortly and please would i response it.BR BR i did reply it and a quite complex fraud was begun. around a interval of around two hours he phoned four times and explained that they would need to install a DE humidifier inside our loft that our neighbours insurance would pay the whole amount but by law he was obliged to DE humidify both sides of the party wall and there would be a deposit to pay which would be refunded when the appliance was collected. on the ND call i asked him the name of his business and he told me. it was a legitimate business and i have notified them that their name is being used for which they were grateful. on the rd call he told me the deposit would be but not to worry we would get it back before they collected the machine. i told him that no cash would go outside from our account until i had spoken to our neighbour and without believing named her by name though not her first name. by the fourth call he was getting fairly exasperated by my prevarication.BR BR the closing call was number withheld with a girl saying she was our neighbour. she inquired for me as Mrs my name. my neighbour would have used my first name and within any case i know both her express and her telephone amount. i said that it didn't sound enjoy her and she agreed that my voice sounded distinct overly. at this point i just hung up.BR BR i have notified action fraud who took total details.


    By Rhonda Talbott 18 May 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Ag 12 Jan 2017

    Unknown caller


    By Tone Sharfner 31 Mar 2016

    number calls my wireless phone. never leaves a express mail. never responds when i answer the call.


    By Roye Burks 16 Jun 2016

    no idea


    By Elizabeth Kotewa 25 Jun 2016

    this is a scam call from Birmingham AL with a guy posing as the IRS telling you there's a legal lawsuit against you legally and to call them back. i reported them to the local authorities. very thick accent and left the name john sander son.

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