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By Darryl Bracy sr 15 Apr 2016

This number keeps calling me

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    By Shalyse da neen Kemp 13 Mar 2016

    rang me cannot ring back


    By Brittany Parthemore 01 Mar 2016

    i have been getting calls from this and many others after occupation searching online. i keep blocking them but they keep calling with no message from Utah to new York to Ohio to Russia. i am disgusted.


    By Brendon Loy 05 Jul 2016

    we receive calls from this amount quite often i have blocked hundreds of numbers. they response with hi this is Marie or hello this is Annie. or Lisa. they a man with an Indian sounding express takes around. it's all an off coast scam and they lure the UN suspecting generally a retired individual enjoy myself to the tune of millions of dollars. they're not Americans but try to make believe they are they're criminals and until congress addresses this issue our hands are tied. if congress makes the telephone companies responsible it will finish.


    By Oscar Coleman iv 02 Mar 2016

    i have very good reason to suppose that this is a residence advancement company who did some work for us ten years ago and have never stopped calling since. worryingly a chap rang me yesterday and got rather cocky me and i hung upwards on him. i have had two calls again today leaving one unanswered and a few minutes ago another one. he is now playing a game and inquired is that Mrs ...... and when i inquired who wants to understand he said i can when i inquired who he was he said me and hung up. fairly the jojoba BR i had a call from someone at the suspected company a couple of week ago and when i said how upset i was about call after call from his business he said he was a member of their direction team and promised to take my amount away their system. now this is happening. these folks are a menace. i have always been polite because i realize they are only striving to bring in a dwelling but i may see this going on for ever.


    By Larry Van der moere 11 Jul 2016

    telephony services limited


    By Ross Huguenard 12 Jun 2016

    Jain crotch ET personae NE pundit litre bout.


    By Donna Stecchi 14 Feb 2016

    had a call from above amount claiming to be from Microsoft landownings accent is this called valid believe notary can anybody guide please.


    By Marian Ikeler 05 Mar 2016



    By Monika Rhodes 23 Jun 2016

    arbitrary call. and when i messaged back no result.


    By A Wolin 27 Jun 2016


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