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By Leon Wier 01 Apr 2016

I just received the call today.BR its from world reminding me of my allegedly unsettled account.BR i said i paid on line already. her records may not be updated.BR subsequently she asked which bank i paid online.BR so i told the caller i need not to answer her last question.BR finish of dialog.

By Irving Distenfeld 18 Mar 2016

Adore a line of pitch

By M Journigan 18 Jan 2016

No message left.

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    By Delores Morello 17 May 2016

    someone keeps calling me from but i always blow off it because i already understand its a spammer.


    By Sheila Pieroni 02 Jun 2016

    dead air


    By Danny Stith 15 Jun 2016

    despite not having a company and not having any company cars my dwelling phone gets a call around once a month from this number. each call begins with a polite individual asking to speak to the man who deals with the fuel for my business vehicles i explain that there are no vehicles and no business they say sorry and hang up.BR BR subsequently a month later it happens again.BR BR it's great to understand that lorry load has felt the advocate to go all over various websites recommending this company...not at all dodgy........


    By debbie franer 29 May 2016

    i got a message i got a occupation ND i must pay r for accommodation ND feeding ND it was from Mrs Ben.


    By Doc Ingram 22 Jun 2016

    someone named from Microsoft and said that noticed that my computer has problems with windows


    By Townsend Loretta 18 May 2016

    saw it as a missed call. am on a Thursday morning while i was at work. phone was still on silent from church the night before. rang only twice.


    By Vern Mastel 21 Apr 2016

    received a call this morning.


    By Arif Burr 16 Apr 2016

    i got at am morning today


    By Joe Roehner 06 Jul 2016

    desire to know who named me


    By Rosemarie Bastone 09 Apr 2016

    this owner amount liar because he take my moneybag simply wanna understand he group where he live

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