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By Leon Wier 01 Apr 2016

I just received the call today.BR its from world reminding me of my allegedly unsettled account.BR i said i paid on line already. her records may not be updated.BR subsequently she asked which bank i paid online.BR so i told the caller i need not to answer her last question.BR finish of dialog.

By Irving Distenfeld 18 Mar 2016

Adore a line of pitch

By M Journigan 18 Jan 2016

No message left.

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    By AMANDA PETIT 24 Apr 2016

    this amount has named my house several times.


    By Margie Mcarthur 06 Apr 2016

    Ana highs


    By Daniela Rice 20 Feb 2016

    i received a call from this amount on my mobile. i did not answer it because i get charged for incoming calls from and numbers on my mobile even when i dint reply them so i have no idea who the business is but this kind of harassment really infuriates me


    By Willie Allen 24 Apr 2016

    this unsolicited number tried to face time me after somehow becoming my number from a web website i had visited earlier in the day about leather furniture.


    By Glenn Borden 16 Jun 2016

    i desire to understand dis number


    By Michelle Hillhouse 09 Jun 2016

    they called at around am


    By Shela Bretous 13 Jun 2016

    no express email was left.


    By Greta Seward 08 Apr 2016

    that amount simply called and left a message. it was for ambulance membership inside Victoria.BR BR fag


    By Jennifer Mccowen 11 Jun 2016



    By Juan Vigo 06 Jan 2016

    ignore the BS opinions here they re obviously from a company that is scamming and pretending to be cry. this is not yell how do i know because i have a paid listing with yell and not a free listing though they call to say they want to update my free cry listing and when i challenged them around this they hung upward. proceed with cautionary BR cobblers. i too have a paid listing with yell.com two within fact but anyone with a paid listing is still entitled to a free listing as well and they are managed by a separate team. my paid marketing is managed by one team the free listings are managed by another.BR BR the amount and caller are authentic as stated by several other posters. the caller id amount was and the amount they said to call back on was .

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