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By Genera Shaw 04 May 2016

Hello i locate a iPhone and that man know owner of that telephone please help me find that manure my email kaboom.net

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    By Boshears Barbara 04 Mar 2016

    sent a text to my wife and caused a huge fight. i would adore to get a hold of this loser.


    By CECILIA BELL 21 Jun 2016

    unwanted sales call from the review centre phishing for details about life insurance cover.BR really defensive around exact details.BR do not reply.


    By Stephen Curdo 03 May 2016

    received a call.


    By Jenea Brenner 20 Jun 2016

    spam text sent from heart ltd heart heating solutions around their a rated boilers fitted from per week exactly why they need to fit them every week is a mystery. these don caster are doing this from their business inside England so these con men aren't too glowing as they will be heavily fined unlikely.


    By Andre Ani 12 Jun 2016

    this amount is used by frauds to call you saying you have a credit equilibrium of around BP revealing inside your account. they will say that they're from the govt. and will try to retrieve your bank account and other useful details and additionally attempt to convince you to make a meagre payment of BP to make the loan go away. they will additionally inquire whether you have an OD or a petrol electricity bill pending on your name that due to non payment the Rio has escalated to the mentioned amount.


    By Rose Barber 11 Jul 2016

    anybody getting calls from this number


    By Jay Keppler 23 Mar 2016

    decided up phone and there was quiet on the other end.


    By Frances Mullarky 09 Feb 2016

    called this morning.


    By Eleanor Tedla 20 Jun 2016

    Angolan Dario shape


    By Dwayne Negele 09 May 2016

    this ignorant number named me three times inside a minute or two and displayed caller id of unknown name. there needs to be a law forcing telephone companies to show the actual original phone number and what company pays the phone bill if its a business no more spoofing allowed i also suppose the caller attempted using a telephone amount from another state a minute after i declined to reply these multiple calls slimy slim es.

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