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By Genera Shaw 04 May 2016

Hello i locate a iPhone and that man know owner of that telephone please help me find that manure my email kaboom.net

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    By Sherrie Strother 22 Mar 2016

    not sure who it's


    By Charles Pugeau 28 Jan 2016

    i tried to create a booking with mas and my trade failed. and then i got a call from this amount saying they re from mas wants to help for my payment. so stupidly i believed it. and then gave them my security code and my card number. but the trade failed because i dint have sufficient funds to the big transaction in my card. i instantaneously named my bank and asked around it and the bank told me that i shouldn't give my security amount. i reported the phone number to the bank and they checked it with mas and it was confirmed the number is mas agent to help the customer to novel their ticket as the web booking is problematic sometimes. but i merely asked the bank and made a report inside case they use my credit card. my bank reminds me not to give my security number. so report has been made inside case of fraud or scam. i think it's better to pay through counter if your attempt to book ticket is neglected because there's an net system that could discover your transaction and probably try to dig out your cash. constantly be attentive


    By Ronyneisha Jules 08 Jul 2016

    dint forget that fraudsters can post messages on these forums too


    By Anthony Epter 03 Jun 2016

    called my cell phone.


    By Chris Poppalardo 03 Jun 2016

    is this amount kosher


    By Melisa Burgess 10 May 2016

    hung up left no message


    By Gwendolyn Grandchamp 27 Apr 2016

    said they were from London's high court and demanded information so thy could deliver my jag


    By Gabrielle Mcleggan 08 May 2016

    spam me please


    By Joan Larrimore 15 May 2016

    telephone call


    By PETER SCHOLZ 24 Feb 2016

    rang me offering me said they dint need card details or a guarantor... but afterward inquired me for account details claimed their company is named loans cloud i asked for their registered number amp seemingly they are not allowed to give it around the telephone a load of BS blow off them or block their number

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