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By Vera Breshears 13 May 2016

They call me last Thursday and now. its from sip global i dint know if they gonna call me again.

By Lynn Seals 15 Mar 2016

Who call me

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    By sadey burchfeild 06 Jul 2016

    scam they say they are from Microsoft and give me some around my computer being infected. i have been inside the it area for over years and am not stupid i played stupid with them for awhile and let them think i was doing what they needed. they had me download a program which of class i didn't run and subsequently i hung up on them wasting minutes of their time. they keep calling back now and i dint answer the call Lola


    By Holsey Buckner 03 Mar 2016

    i got a call saying he is from grants section and Missouri govt gives some few thousand dollars since they got my name inside their survey and they dam every details of me.. when i refused to be a trunk call they warned me .. can any one know whose number is this


    By Frank Ennaro 18 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By Kellee Perry 07 Jun 2016

    this amount has named me times inside a few hours. who are they


    By Ted Loso 26 May 2016

    had a call from a women trying to sell a funeral plan told her i already had one with gold charter she afterward told me gold charter were under investigation for fraud. i rang golden charter and was told no such investigation was ongoing and that my funeral strategy was safe. it was definitely a chilly caller as i rang the no. and had no answer. i am furious as it was really upsetting to be told my priced funeral strategy was not worth the paper it was written on.


    By cambridge boyd 21 Jan 2016

    received a telephone call. no message left.


    By Kimberly Harmony 09 Jul 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Jocelyn Fumero 16 Feb 2016

    keep getting miss calls if i telephone back than its off all of a unexpected please help me identify the user of the amount its a female


    By Durand Wilkerson 03 Jun 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Frances Holth 03 Jul 2016

    no messages

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