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By Shetarra Davis 03 Jun 2016


By Jenny Blocker 26 Apr 2016

Unsolicited call claiming to be working for the government told him i was on taps and he disappeared

By Joey Beaver 13 Apr 2016

Had just the same issue as Mario etc. unfortunately tried switching off at mains but still cant x outside and get rid of it.BR any idea of a solution

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    By Martha Gaskins 07 Apr 2016

    got a call when i replied a recorded message said it was ts com ms solutions and i didn't have to would anything but i could phone some amount which was different to the one displayed. couldn't picture why i would need to business didn't show upwards on Google


    By Jack coung Phan 19 May 2016

    this is a disguised caller id coming from a private investigator aka pi his actual info and name is BR Irving functioning by Irving inc and they are located at BR Broadway suite BR new York NY BR tel ..BR fax ..BR email .com


    By Sandy Lengyel 09 Mar 2016

    poi claims business chilly calling. left an automated message on my answering machine. the record missed the first component of the message. i have a feeling its a scam as the number is a digit brief. I have done everything i can to stop these chilly calls and I'm sick of them.


    By Andis Frazier 20 Jun 2016

    i additionally received a call from this no when i attended no responsible BR help hi i tell u about this one business its a because company same owner his name is Nyasa and i inquire who call me before call from this number and and company name credit link so many case here found this company take u r documents like credit card duplicate or your other personal documents so please be care total enjoy this acreage line number call u for around take strategy for desalt or credit cards or Du if u got enjoy this call instantly to the police one more matter its fake amount when attempt back this number u cant discuss this number


    By Arnold Wing 10 Jun 2016

    caller unknown


    By Karon Gamble 01 Jun 2016

    this number has been calling me today for about a week. comes upward on my mobile. anyone know who this is they always call when i am unable to answer and dint leave a message. i wouldn't answer such a odd amount anyway


    By Mike Scriven 25 Apr 2016

    SBA backwash ha within bayou KO v Nike khans main mat Ana NIH to tum hare pass Jo v hair o v Shaula Cayuga OK


    By Mary Stortini 02 Apr 2016

    Knapp SW


    By Violet Marshall 24 Jun 2016

    i need to know this telephone amount come from what organization


    By Jeffery Hearne 07 Jun 2016


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