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By Marc Cavanaugh 22 May 2016

This is an appointment reminder call HS for an appointment i have. these calls are either automated or someone will call within man these calls are supplied by cram who call on benefit of the HS trust across the UK. expect this was helpful

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    By George Landini 16 Jun 2016

    called twice this morning starting . didn't reply and they left no message. so considerably for having my numbers listed on don't call. it happens all the time


    By Garry Wdowiak 15 Feb 2016

    been calling all day I am not answering it


    By Atticus Mclaughlin 11 Jan 2016

    caller hung up left no message


    By Kasey Nappier 11 Jun 2016

    one digit brief of a authentic Nebr so some scum spoofing a telephone Nebr. recorded message around.... yup you guessed... poi.


    By Rachel Brookins 22 Apr 2016

    i got a call from but don't know who its. what nation are they calling from


    By Alexis Cournoyer 19 Jun 2016

    anybody becoming calls from this number


    By Emily Tebben 06 Jan 2016

    someone named did not response. caller id said Washington dc.


    By Marc Lovestrand 27 Mar 2016

    unwanted call


    By Rhonda Folston 28 Apr 2016

    oh god not another load of with my number........ shoot the bloody lot of them


    By Thom Rigsby 15 Jun 2016

    named twice by this amount today. inclined to block it.

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