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By Ma Hamed 21 Jun 2016

Wanted to know who owns this telephone amount.

By Donovan Duckett 21 Apr 2016

Who call me

By Faith Henson 21 Jan 2016

This amount keeps calling me

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    By Len Hall 04 May 2016

    they were speaking Arabic might it be anything to be stressed about


    By Duncan Hesseltine 19 Mar 2016

    FSF the name and all the content of that site is artificial. how many times do you need told


    By Leonard Yashiro 29 Jun 2016



    By Derrick Stuart 28 Apr 2016

    just another Indian area no feathers calling to fix my computer. i get about of these calls a week.


    By Leanne Reitter 26 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this number for the ND time and the message is from a foreigner who doesn't speak quite much English. i managed to make out the words specialized and computer and subsequently nothing but gibberish from his foreign tongue. i am ill to death of getting phone calls such as this and wish they would stop.


    By George r 28433 25 Apr 2016

    a guy with an accent maybe Indian or Arabic called from the windows tech centre saying my computer sent blunder messages to them and he wanted to reveal me the way to find outside what they were and delete them. when i wouldn't play along he said that someone could hack my computer and use my identity to do bad matters.


    By Aleia Heleo 01 Apr 2016

    when i held on to speak to some one about this unwanted call they instantly told me inside an abrupt manner only to hang up and afterward slammed the telephone down.


    By C. a. Kelly 07 Jun 2016

    fake Ken Aeschylus's inter dies er bummer


    By Carl Stix 17 Jan 2016



    By Lorie Brothers 20 Apr 2016

    does anyone know who calls from this telephone amount.

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