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By Tammy Amezola 23 Jun 2016

Me Cameron y no league a contest

By Theresa Langlois 06 Apr 2016

Received a call on my cell.

By Christopher Caputi 16 Feb 2016


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    By Cesar Cuevas 19 Apr 2016

    it would appear you or someone used your telephone to try and get guessed free sex pictures or merely dirty texts BR BR you need to send stop all and if that fails call customer service on BR BR my partner got caught and tried to tell me he got some odd messages but he failed to delete sent messages ...hombre BR BR BR and yes it does cost


    By Tobi Martinez 17 Jun 2016

    anyone understand this number


    By louann spatola 29 May 2016

    well we found this business is authentic utility broker they just cope with business customers not for homes anyway they got us a cope with British gasoline that was a bit cheaper than we were offered direct by British gasoline..so think we cant complain they did tell us they were a agent when they named so we knew it wasn't British gas direct. we dealt with their high comber office.


    By Diane Oliva 17 Jun 2016

    this call is from Adhara prudish India


    By Karen Abowdoin 19 Feb 2016

    same here the guy said he was from BTU


    By Sharyl Kastens 27 Apr 2016

    we just got a call from this number.


    By Evelyn Vallee 20 May 2016

    its my boyfriend st name


    By Priya Kothari 07 May 2016

    i wonder if anyone at all could offer me any information on this.. twice within the last week the number has named my house. not but literally i added the extra numbers so i could type this query.BR i just missed the first call and received a really short quiet voice email and the second time i managed to get it but with no answer... is this unusual or what might my TELNETs be causing this due to some technical fault


    By Timothy Michael fisher 14 Jun 2016

    hushed call reported it to of com. a .of com.org.ukulele Callas


    By Wendi Lemons 11 May 2016


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