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By Melva Lanier 05 Jul 2016

Incorporated communications company calling on benefit of looking for determination maker on upward coming projects. fishing for emails and business i figure.BR BR great thing our MD has a financial venture inside a company that also supplies leftover it's you re striving to sell us gt but thanks for calling. bye bye. usually works

By Julia Emory 07 May 2016

calls now the wife fielded the first . i told him he was wasting his time as everyone inside the UK knew around the Microsoft windows scam. he said everyone i said yes everyone its all around the web and the UK police are conscious of it. he said oh and rang off.

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    By Bernadette Currie 27 Jun 2016

    still happening fax machine calling our reputable fair business wasting our precious lumber Charles nightmare bankrupt convicted criminal


    By Sharnell Alford 04 May 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this number.


    By Elaine Garcia-romero 16 Apr 2016

    so you have sampled all their wines i ques you must have to create statements like that or perhaps simply a brain the size of a pea.BR PS i ain't no monkey.


    By Jessica Hribik 10 Jun 2016

    did not reply.


    By nicholas lanteri 03 Jun 2016

    phone call


    By Kristin Pfalzgraf 05 Jul 2016



    By PAULENA MELVIN 25 Jun 2016

    adv antis they use an automated calling service claiming that the call is important amp to press a number to hear the message.BR BR this is a phishing scam call BR by pressing the amount to continue you are effectively making a call to advent is so they have instantaneously bypassed the taps. weasel words I'm sure press the x amount key but they're how lawyers create a lot of cash.BR BR any info even confirmation of details you give around the telephone only helps them bypass the data protection act.if they cant be bothered to write to you first with sea for any reply they are definitely phishing.


    By Dennis Verdote 26 Mar 2016

    reddish cross


    By Delmer Winters 29 Jan 2016

    this number called me at am this morning. this is insane.


    By Chenghan Lee 29 May 2016

    i want to know if this man calling from this amount is a scam or not .

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